Esther: Embracing Courage
Our lives are entirely of tough choices and unsure moments, much like a complex piece
of art made up of many threads. In this beautiful and confusing picture, the story of
Esther stands out. It’s more than an old tale; it gives us hope and teaches us how to be
brave. The message in Esther 4:13-17 isn’t just an inspiring story; it’s a powerful lesson
that continues to help, comfort, and give us strength today. At the heart of Esther’s story
is the idea that “God’s word is your answer.”  It’s not just something that holds us steady.
It’s s like a map that helps us navigate the tricky parts of life.

The Personal Encounter with Failure
We’ve all experienced times that put us to the test, where quiet fears tried to become
overwhelming doubts that pushed us to back down. I remember confronting a course I
hadn’t chosen, my failures like a thick fog around me – job loss, a relationship ended, a
postponed dream. In these challenging times, my faith gave me the strength to face my
The Call to Courage
Mordecai’s message to Esther, “You might be in the king’s house, but that doesn’t mean
you’re safe from danger. If you stay silent, you and your family will suffer, but
deliverance will come from another place” pushes us to face our fears instead of
avoiding them. It shows us that not acting can have severe consequences and reminds
us that we’re all part of a bigger plan, even when we feel inadequate.
He also asks, “What if you were made queen for this very moment?” suggesting that our
lives have a greater purpose, even if we’ve faced setbacks. Rather than letting failure
end our story, we can see it as part of a journey to something better. It encourages us to
turn to our faith, where we find the courage to overcome our challenges and step into
the role set out for us.
The Decision to Act
Esther’s response, a testament to discerned courage, “Go, gather together all the Jews
who are in Susa, and fast for me. Do not eat or drink for three days, night or day. I and
my maids will fast as you do. I will go to the king when this is done, even though it is
against the law. And if I perish, I perish” (Esther 4:15-16) mirrors the leap of faith each
of us must take. It speaks to the necessity of preparing one’s heart through fasting,
prayer, and submission to God’s will—a principle underscored throughout Scripture
(Joel 2:12-13). The acknowledgment of potential failure, yet moving forward, highlights
the essence of faith.
“If I perish, I perish.” (Esther 4:16). These words, though spoken in a context of life and
death, echo in our daily battles with fear and failure. Herein lies the invitation to
surrender, not as an act of defeat but as a declaration of trust in God’s sovereignty. This
brings to mind the words of Paul in Philippians 1:21, “For to me, to live is Christ and to
die is gain” encapsulating the ethos of a life surrendered and guided by the word of

Reflections for Today
Esther’s narrative reminds us that the essence of living a life of purpose is found not in
avoiding failure but in responding to it with courage rooted in God’s word. “God’s word is
your answer” becomes a rallying cry for our spirits when faced with the daunting task of
rising from failure.
As we face our “Esther moments” standing at the precipice of decision, let us
remember that the word of God is replete with promises of His presence, guidance, and
deliverance (Joshua 1:9). It is in meditating on these promises that we find the strength
to face our fears, the courage to embrace our divine purpose, and the hope to move
beyond our failures.
In all the tough times in our lives, when we feel crushed by our failures, Esther's story
shows us the power of listening to God. It calls us to trust in the God who can turn our
sadness into joy and our failures into stepping stones toward a far greater purpose.
During life’s ups and downs, let’s remember that “God’s word is your answer.” Let it be
our stability and lead us, shine a light in our darkest times with His presence, wisdom,
and never-ending love. And after the storm, let’s have Esther’s bravery, deeply believing
that we can overcome, even if we’ve failed, with God’s help.

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