Today, our President, Donald J. Trump, took another historical step as the first President ever to speak at the March for Life defending and protecting the precious gift of life given by God. As the most pro-life President and advocate for life he has fought for those who cannot fight for themselves, the unborn. He has signed into law legislation that excludes organizations that perform abortions from Title X projects, reinstated and enlarged the Mexico City Policy preventing tax payer dollars from funding foreign abortions, defended conscience rights, called on Congress to prohibit later term abortions where a child can feel pain, will not allow taxpayers dollars to fund scientific research using fetal tissue, is building an international coalition to dispel the concept that abortion is a human right and has created pathways to help children and women in often difficult situations with foster care, adoption and support for healing. May the grace of God continue to shine on President Trump for his courageous stance for the dignity of all life.                

Paula White-Cain                                                                                                

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Paula White Cain
Paula White-Cain's Revelations of Purposeful Pain

President Donald Trump considers her a friend and confidante. Her husband, Jonathan Cain, is one of the most successful rock musicians ever... 

Pastor Paula White-Cain

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” JOHN 3:16 (KJV)
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2019 was packed full of just extraordinary favor and opportunity for Paula White Ministries. Through our many humanitarian efforts and outreaches, and your faithful prayers and generous support, you helped us bring hurricane relief to the Bahamas through the Bahamian Restoration Project; also our ongoing Operation Border Blessing outreach blessed our Border Patrol Agents and their families; locally, almost 1 million pounds of food have been distributed serving over 3,500 families in their time of need. We are now reaching over 200 nations through our Daystar and GEB TV Network expansion; Paula’s best-selling hardback book “Something Greater” was released along with her very successful book tour; we launched Life Network For Women; built a beautiful new TV studio set; our annual “Unleashed Conference” was an overwhelming success ; and most importantly, through our ‘Miracle of God’s Grace' salvation booklet we are seeing lives transformed, hearts healed, and souls saved! 

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