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Breaking Generational Curses, Releasing Generation Blessings!

You cannot carry the baggage of the past anymore! God has given to me the tools that you need to break this generational curse and bring you AND your family into Generational Blessings! For your Generational Blessings Ministry Gift of $35 or more today we will rush to you Paula's new 4 Disc series "Breaking Generational Curses, Releasing Generation Blessings!” *PLUS the very powerful Companion Devotional "Breaking Generational Curses, Releasing Generation Blessings!” and 2 special viles of anointing oil we make right here from ingredients shipped from Israel! For your ministry gift of $100 or more today, you will receive all of the above PLUS the “Care & Counsel Bible” - created by some of my finest ministry friends, including Christian Counselor Dr. Tim Clinton!

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New Book by Paula White-Cain

With everything happening in the world today, RIGHT NOW is the time to prepare... We need the Presence of God more than ever! Exodus 25:8, “Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them.” There is a pathway to His Presence: You must get into the Holy of Holies! The way into perfection, maturity, completeness, and to fulfillment is “The Way” into the holiest (this is the place of His Presence), which unfolds in the book of Hebrews. Here we see that it is scriptural to use the Tabernacle as our pattern in seeking God. He is having us “clear a path” in our lives – to make ready for His Presence! As God’s will is being done in heaven— His plan was, and still is, for His will to be fulfilled in your heart and through your life! Jesus came for you to experience the fullness of God, and all the benefits that Heaven has to offer! I want to send my brand-new book "A Pathway To His Presence" for your Ministry Gift of $15 or more today!

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Happy, Healthy, and Whole

Relationships… We all have them, want them, lose them, and need them, but so many struggle to make relationships work! Happy, Healthy and Whole relationships are God’s will for your life… Life is relational! And now, Paula White Cain has produced a landmark 10 Disc series on 5 CD’s and 5 DVD’s plus digital download titled “Happy, Healthy, and Whole: Making Relationships Work. It’s available along with Paula’s informative book of the same name, plus her in-depth 4 DVD teaching series “Let’s talk About It”, all for your ministry gift of $100 or more when you Click the link now, call; write; text-to-give. You’ll discover: why you attract the people you do; the 10 top emotional needs in a relationship; building better intimacy and so much more! Or, for your ministry gift of $25 or more, you’ll receive the Paula’s informative book “Happy, Healthy and Whole: Making Relationships Work” only. Relationships are more than they appear on the surface! Make YOUR relationships Happy, Healthy and Whole, starting TODAY!

$25 or more package$100 or more package

Built For Battle

The Apostle Paul said this about spiritual warfare, “put on the whole armor of God. For you fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” We have a real enemy, but Jesus gave us the weapons to our warfare, and they are not carnal but their mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. You can have the keys to overcoming principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness coming against you! In Paula’s new 4-disc series, plus digital download, “Built for the Battle: understanding spiritual warfare” available for your ministry gift of $35 or more when you call toll free, write, text to give, or click the link here. It is crucial during this time that you understand how we overcome evil! In addition for your ministry gift of $100 or more, you will also receive Paula's entire “Battle Pack” which also includes her 3-CD set “The Depths of Satan”, plus the 4-disc “Prayer Glory” with Paula ministering in prayer, and Jonathan Cain setting the atmosphere in music, along with her book, Prayer Confessions, covering 60 plus topics. Paula intercedes for you in your time of need. The Bible makes it clear the battle lines have been drawn… Get “built for the battle” today.

$35 or more package$100 or more package

Calling The Nation to Prayer

America was founded on faith in God and His word, but we're drifting from those foundations. Yet God declares that if his people will humble themselves and pray, He will forgive our sin and heal our land. Paula White-Cain explores the need for intercessory prayer in this pivotal time, in her newly updated 4-disc series, Calling the Nation to Prayer. Everything that we do in our personal life, in a nation, in a city, and a family, and a ministry, has to be bathed with prayer. Prayer is the very backbone… Calling the Nation to Prayer is available along with a copy of her Prayer for America. For your ministry gift of $100 or more, you will also receive a copy of her beautiful covenant living Holy Bible, a beautiful leather bound edition personally signed including 57 articles and study lessons written by Paula, covering Bible characters from Abraham and David, to the Apostle Peter, topics ranging from adversity to waiting upon the Lord all in one place from a lifetime of Paula's personal study. King James Version, Red Letter edition, concordance, and much more. You will also receive the Paula USB Flash Drive with 16 powerful video teachings! America stands at the crossroads with a great need to rediscover the passion of prayer and the Word of God. request your resources today!

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Prayer Glory

God's choice, eternity into the earth is by the vehicle prayer. New from Paula White-Cain and her husband Jonathan Cain, anointed keyboardist of the band journey comes a powerful four disc set of intercessory prayers by Paula and worship music setting the atmosphere from Jonathan titled: Prayer Glory. Covering many topics, 66 different prayers of agreement over anointed music, ranging from topics like direction, children, self esteem, 66 in all. Plus, you'll receive Paula’s three disc series prayer, effective communication with God and bonus CD on building a powerful prayer. The entire prayer glory bundle is available for your ministry gift of $55 or more. Activate your prayer life today for your future and your family.

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Fasting Made Simple Bundle

Fasting is an essential pathway for believers to receive miracle breakthroughs in their spiritual and physical lives. In her life-changing book and series Paula navigates the mystique of fasting in this easy to follow look into the roadmap results and rewards of Isaiah 58. The umber one reason we fast is for intimacy with God, and to have clarity if you're looking for direction or decision. When you need answers, you fast. Paula explores what God declares are the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting, including nine powerhouse promises of fasting, seven reasons for Biblical fasting, the types of fasts and much more! Paula’s groundbreaking book fasting Made Simple is available for your ministry gift of $50 or more along with her companion three disc series. Plus, you will also receive her in-depth two disc series In Pursuit of His Presence… as God draws you near to him. These tools are some of the best Paula can give you. Order today and follow the Holy Spirit as he leads you to your greatest results and rewards through prayer and fasting.

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Something Greater

Paula's new book Something Greater will show you how it's possible to find triumph over trials. No matter what you're going through, God has something greater for you. And Paula is sharing her incredible story to provide you with the tools to get there… to something greater. This book is about Paula’s entire life, literally. As she says, “it is how to triumph over your trials because no matter what you've gone through or where you've been, God has something greater, something great is coming upon you.” For your ministry gift of $24 or more you will get a special signed edition of the book Something Greater. For your ministry gift of $44 or more you will receive Paula's new book and her brand new six-disc Something Greater set and digital download. For your ministry gift of $74 or more today we will rush you the book, Paula’s six disc set and digital download, plus this incredible Something Greater audio book on CD or digital download. And for your ministry gift of $100 or more you will be blessed with this entire package, also including this incredible journal to help get you to your “something greater.” God has something greater for you, and we want to help get you there.

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Marriage Package

We want to see you build a strong and lasting marriage and in appreciation of your ministry gift today of $100 or more to help us take the gospel around the world, Paula wants to thank you with this beautiful communion set for two in a custom handcrafted wooden box. You receive the unleavened bread and grape juice from Israel, as well as two silver plated communion cups. You'll also receive Paula’s three DVD series titled “Get Connected” to help you do relationships right. Discover how to build healthy families, how to have good connections, and so much more. And you'll also receive Jonathan Cain’s new Piano Worship Volume One CD to help set the atmosphere in your home. Receive the entire package all for your ministry gift of $100 or more to help Paula preach the gospel around the world.

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Why The Enemy Shows Up

Has the enemy ever just bombarded you? Have you ever asked, Why am I going through this? 1 Peter 5 says that we have a real enemy. And there is a real “clash of the kingdoms.” There's a battle between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of righteousness and the kingdom of wickedness. In Paula’s new 6 disc CD series with digital download she reveals the three main reasons why the enemy of your soul shows up. Whenever you're getting ready to get promotion the enemy comes to distract you. Another reason is to bring correction to you. Paula's brand new six disc teaching series on CD plus digital download is available for your ministry gift of $60 or more sown into the fertile soil of Paula White Ministries. You will also receive Paula’s 2 disc CD set Binding The Strong Man along with it’s companion study guide. Request your copy of Why the Enemy Shows Up and Binding the Strongman from Paula White-Cain today!

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Impartation & Mantles

Elijah passed to Elisha, Jesus to his 12 disciples, Paul to Timothy, what was it? It was mantles, impartation, the anointing of God. Everyone has a purpose and a destiny and God has assigned a specific role or position, a mantle over your life. You’re not a spectator, you get to be a participator in the very nature, divine nature, not any nature, you can participate in the divine! The powerful 2-disc series is available along with an anointed prayer cloth and vial of anointing oil, plus a new four disc series titled impartation on two CDs and two DVDs from Paula and her special guest Pushie Watson. Order Mantle's & Impartation, plus a prayer cloth and vial of anointing oil prayed over by Pastor Paula. Available for your ministry gift or $40 or more when you click the link below. Your generous ministry gift helps us continue to preach the gospel around the world. Request your set today.

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Don’t Stop Believin’

Anointed keyboardist, songwriter, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Jonathan Cain shares from his heart “Why dad's matter” and his autobiographical book, Don't Stop Believin’. You can receive an autographed copy by Jonathan Cain personally of his life's journey in print and pictures. Through the pages of this amazing read, Jon takes you through surviving a tragic school fire at age eight, to learning instruments through the tutelage of his father, the Journey years and onto the rock and roll Hall of Fame with the iconic band on the stage. It is available along with his newest release More Like Jesus, 15 anointed songs to the Lord, for your ministry gift of $40 or more sown into the fertile soil of Paula White Ministries. Request your copy today- Take the journey with Jonathan Cain. Above all, don't stop believin’.

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The Storm Wont Stop You

The current events we are facing are quite a storm. First off, you have to know this too shall pass. You will make it to the other side, God says you're going to get through this! In Paula’s new two disc series, The Storm Won't Stop You, It will carry you… Paula White-Cain looks at the reasons why storms are allowed of God and what to do when the storms of life may come. So what do you do during the storm? This new two disc set on CD and DVD is available for your ministry gift of $50 or more. You will also receive Paula’s 4 CD study of Psalm 91, Resting under the shadow of the Almighty. The storm doesn't have to stop you… The storm can carry you!

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Solving Money Problems

Are you sick and tired of living below the baseline financially? Paula has teamed up with a noted voice on conquering these issues and moving into a place of abundance! Now from Pastor David Crane comes his powerful yet practical book Solving Your Money Problems. Learn how to escape the debt cycle and start living the life God has for you. It's time to start reeling in your debt there is a way out but you must be radical in your obedience to get out of debt. In his faith building book David crank outlines easy and accessible ways to create a budget eliminate debt, increase your savings and give to God's kingdom generously information is power. It's not more money that you need. It is more wisdom that you need and then make the money work for you. Order the incredible power box, a $300 value for your ministry gift of $125 or more, you'll receive David cranks life changing book, his companion five disc CD series along with a two disc DVD set on destroying debt, the journal to track your way to success, the pen, and cell phone pop socket! *Plus, Paula’s anointed four disc series on increase. It's time to apply fundamental biblical principles to change your life by solving your money problems.

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