StoryLife Church 

More Than A Church

Pastor Paula White Cain is a pastor at StoryLife Church, which is the local church located at the property of The City of Destiny. The church launched in 2023 and is led by Paula’s son and daughter-in-law Brad and Rachel Knight. StoryLife is a multicultural, non-demoninational congregation located in Apopka, Florida, USA.

The City of Destiny is now the community outreach and projects center and the home of Paula White Ministries.

The central mission of StoryLife Church is to spread the Gospel and tell the people how “God has a story for their life”, it is “Your Life, His Story”.

The central mission of The City of Destiny is to love God, love people, and serve the community.

The partnership through StoryLife Church, Paula White Ministries and the City of Destiny aims to be a prototype ministry in the 21st century. It extends God’s Kingdom on the earth by making a tangible impact on the local community through preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, community programs, and outreach. In addition to local ministry, they are also making a global impact through church planting, community development, and media ministry.

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