Jonathan Cain

Minister Jonathan Cain leads worship and music at City of Destiny. He also guest hosts with Paula on “Faithfully” and “Paula Today” TV Programs appearing on Daystar. Jonathan is a member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Band, Journey. Jonathan and Paula married in 2016 after meeting on a flight on SouthWest Airlines.

Jonathan’s Story

In Jonathan’s childhood, he survived a horrific school fire that killed many of his classmates. This experience formed a resilience that would carry him for years to come. From Chicago to California, he never let go of his musical aspirations. His tenacity eventually landed him in the legendary rock band, Journey. He would go on to write songs that would become the soundtrack of a generation. Songs such as “Don’t Stop Believing”, “Faithfully”, and “Open Arms”.

Jonathan Cain Ministries

Today, Jonathan leads music at City of Destiny in Apopka, Florida along side his wife, Pastor Paula White Cain.  Through his ministry, he writes, performs, and publishes song about his love of Jesus. Jonathan co-hosts Christian TV programs with Paula. For more information, please visit Jonathan Cain Ministries.