Money matters in our life. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you don’t need money or that something’s going to fall out of the sky. In fact, you’re part of an eternal kingdom and God has given you laws, rules. They’re not the rules and laws of the world, they’re the laws and the rules of God. As a Christian, we are to be in a “Divine Partnership” with God. This partnership is conditional… “if you ___, the I will ___.” Your money has a purpose!

I often say, “money is to the world what the anointing is to the child of God.” You see, there are two things that Satan really, really fights. He fights your provision and he fights the power of God. Because if you’re weak and defeated, and you’re a victim, and can never get out, you’re just going to say, “I’m barely making it into heaven by the finished work…” Well, you will make it into heaven, but you won’t do what you’ve been assigned to do here on this earth.

That’s your purpose. That takes God’s power, and that’s God’s promise to you. But then it also takes provision. Do you want your children to struggle like you did? Or would you like to turn that generational curse around and begin to leave generational blessing? You say, “Paula, how do you talk with such authority?” Because God has allowed me to live this…

God is looking for Kingdom Builders to fund the Kingdom!

God gives you promises… do you believe those? He says things like, “you’re gonna be the head and not the tail,” “you’ll be blessed coming in and blessed going out.” He says to you “every time you give…” according to 2 Corinthians 9, “every time you sow,” not only the bringing of your tithe, but taking care of the poor and the needy, “God will supply all things, according to His riches, and that He will take care of you!”

From Matthew 6 to Philippians 4, it’s all throughout the word. And yet, you might say, “well, why am I struggling?” There’s certainly a spiritual reason, but maybe there’s more. What do you mean Paula?

I can pray and say, “God, I command 100 pounds to fall off my body, in the name of Jesus! You said that you want me to prosper and be in good health even as my soul prospers…” But if I don’t watch what I eat, if I don’t exercise, then what will happen? I can desire to be in good health, but that 100 pounds will probably still be there!

Simply pleading the promises doesn’t make them come to pass, that’s important! You have to put “action” (works) with your faith… Let me tell you something, MONEY MATTERS IN YOUR LIFE!

And if you want to make sure that you have enough for retirement, if you want to be able to send two children to college, give more to missions and be able to do more that will require finances for His Kingdom, I’ve written a book for you that I’m excited about!

I started this almost 20 years or so ago and have just completed it. I believe it’s one of the best books I’ve written and I am writing to you first about it. It is called “Money Matters.” This is a financial book I have created from decades of learning and experiencing, watching and soaking in wisdom from experts God placed in my life.

I talk about very practical things and go into great detail on topics like: How Do You Feel About Money? What Do You Want and Value? What Do You Say About Money? Streams of Income, Understanding What You Know to Make it Grow, Learn From Professionals, 21 Truths from the Ultra-Successful, Managing Money for Maximum Benefits, How to Set Financial Goals and more… This is a lifetime in one book!

Here is an excerpt from the Money Matters Introduction: I dove into studying His Word, and I discovered how to develop the right values, beliefs, and ideas to live a truly prosperous life—one that enabled me to live out my God assignment” on this earth with the resources necessary for excellence and influence. God taught me how to establish plans and set goals that are in line with His plan for my life. As I remain surrendered to His purpose and plan for my life, He has never failed me. He leads me step by step…

The key to your financial future is in your mind. How you think, feel, and talk about money are the foremost indicators of what you will acquire in life and how you will manage what you acquire. If you want real change in your finances, you must deal with internal issues of thoughts, beliefs, and values…Fundamentally, financial freedom begins inside a person—and it is the desire for financial freedom that gives birth to all the behaviors that produce financial freedom.

Most people want financial freedom, but most people do not achieve financial freedom. Why? Primarily because they do not understand how money “works.” They are uneducated about financial matters. Many people who do understand the basics of finances and desire financial freedom do not know how to manage money. They don’t know the techniques that bring maximum rewards. This book addresses each of these issues.


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