You will really need to watch the sermon for the full teaching on this… A quick look at our culture shows that idealized images of motherhood are inaccurate, and Scripture reveals the same.

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Recently little boy asked that anxiously awaited, sometimes dreaded, inevitable question… Looking straight in mom’s eyes and asked: “Where did I come from?”

She thought, “Where’s father when I need him?”

Her hands got a little sweaty. She thought for a moment, squared her shoulders back, looked right in little boy’s eyes and proceeded to tell him the facts of life – she told him about “the birds and the bees…”

The little boy said, “That’s nice. But Jimmy told me he was from Philadelphia. I just wondered where I was from…”

Ruth was left childless and widowed at a young age. Rachel, Hannah, and Sarah were infertile. Eve and Mary lost sons under terrible circumstances. Two mothers of two kings, both named Ahaziah, encouraged their sons to be wicked and unjust. The Prodigal Son acted with terrible disrespect toward each of his parents.

Scripture tells stories like those here today: women in diverse life circumstances, sometimes thriving, sometimes coping, and sometimes going under. The fairy tale of marriage and motherhood is just that—a fairy tale.

God is always good – even when life is complicated and complex!

Our culture is one of motherhood deferred due to later childbearing, motherhood disrupted by divorce, motherhood lost by infant/child death and miscarriage, and motherhood unachieved due to infertility and undesired singleness.

Of course, our culture also includes wonderful families with strong marriages and happy children. The point is that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” journey of womanhood, and we do a disservice to women and men in our churches by venerating one path over all others…

Today, I want you (no matter your situation) to glean TRUTHS to empower you from the lives of Mary (Our Lord and Savior Jesus Mother and her cousin Elisabeth)!

That WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! LOCKED UP IN YOU IS GREATNESS… Whether you can discern it or not! It’s there as a child of God.

2 Corinthians 4:7, “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.”

Woman (hebrew) means “She-man” or “The man with the womb,” “Wombed Man”; a birther.

Anytime something is going to be birthed, it comes through a womb. “A person, a season, a cycle, a blessing, a promise…” Nothing legally comes into the earth without a womb.

That’s why God Himself had to find a WOMAN: a “man (or spirit species) with a womb.” (Ex: Mary) to bring forth His plan of redemption for mankind.

Today, I am speaking to you Spiritually & positioning you into YOUR GREATNESS by the Grace of God!

Proverbs 31:10 poses a question to us: “WHO CAN FIND A VIRTUOUS WOMAN?

The word “virtuous” here ends up meaning “a Great force or power, like the strength of a host or an army, born of suffering, travail & harsh discipline. The strength and endurance it takes to bring forth a child or move of God.”

So, who can find a woman with the strength & endurance to bring forth a move of God? Do you have what it takes to birth something for God?

“Endurance” means to stand firm up under, to remain, to undergo and bear trials, to have fortitude and persevere.

Your womb cannot carry what it has not been prepared for. That’s why you should not curse your crisis. It’s developing you!


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clint walsworth

i believe we have become so week as christians and soft that nobody pushes anybody anymore , people pray but for the samthang over and over , it want ever be herd , they sit and wally in pitty and create more problemp . We never ever fix a problem and i dnt know with that nothing be fixed we are doomed oh well thats wat he said