My good friend Dr. Steve Munsey came to me very recently and said, “Paula, I have a Word for those close to you. And I have to deliver it… PLEASE PLEASE Paula, God spoke to me to deliver this Word, they will understand when they hear it. And please send it out to them immediately!”

We are in a time that could never happen for another 1000 years. What do you mean Paula? You need to ask yourself “Why were you born at this time? What is everything happening now and does 2020 speak to us?” Yes. Because God is into numbers, because God even named a book in the Bible “Numbers”. So every number means something to God. Correct. And he knew from the beginning of time that this year, 2020, was coming.


This Word is intended FOR YOU! It is what we call prophetic or revelation. It’s going to affect your money, it’s going to affect your family, it’s going to affect your health… So listen to this, because this is very, very powerful. And you may never ever have a season like this the rest of your life. That’s the way I look at this.

So let’s look at the numbers of numbers are important to God. What does 2020 mean? 20 means completeness, it means sufficiency, it means perfection. Okay, so what do you need to be completed? Well, maybe you need to get out of debt? Maybe you need help, maybe you need something… Well, there’s sufficiency. So built into this number is 20. So on the Gregorian calendar it is 2020. Okay, now, we also are living in a biblical year. That Bible calendar here is 5780 right now. So 2020 is 5780.

5780 means open your mouth wide, and it means Wisdom. This is the year of completeness. This is the year of sufficiency. This is the year of perfection. And this is the year of wisdom- if you open your mouth. This should excite you… I believe God has put upon me the spirit of Issachar because the spirit of Issachar is “understanding the times and what Israel would have to do.” …because this prophetic Word is about an understanding that I have of 2020 and the year that we live in 5780.

Now, you’re going to get excited, because here, when you hear this it’s all going to click and something’s going to happen. And when you respond, I promise you, it’s going to change the rest of your life.

You’re not standing in line for your miracle… NO! You’re only ONE away. You’re one prayer, one idea, one person, you are one away, one act of obedience away. And you are on the verge. If you understand the times and the season you’re in… You need to say, “oh wow, this is the season!” So open your mouth. 5780 means open your mouth, and God will fill it with wisdom!

When Moses was 80, God said I want you to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt, from Pharaoh. He said, I can’t, I can’t talk. God said “open your mouth!” God would fill it with wisdom. Notice it was at 80!! He called Moses to take the people out of the wilderness.

You are getting ready to come out of debt. You’re getting ready to come out of sickness, you’re getting ready to come out of turmoil. You may have been wondering when is it my time, whens my break? Where’s the bank? Where are my kids at? What in the world? Listen, it’s your season!! and I’m gonna prove it to you. And you are the one I’m supposed to be talking to.

Most people who get into power, most people who get into kingship, the first thing they say is I’ve got to have money to run this kingdom. I also need honor, I need people to elevate me, people to believe in me, people to bow down to me so that I can move the kingdom. They also say, I’ve got to kill my enemies. I’ve got enemies, we’ve got to kill them right now, destroy them. The Bible says that Solomon did not pray for these things. He did not pray for money. He did not pray for his enemies to be destroyed. And he did not pray for honor. Here’s what he did. Are you ready? This is powerful. We’re in 5780— we are in the year. 80 means open your mouth, God will fill it with wisdom. The Bible said that Solomon said, “God, give me wisdom.” The Bible says God turned around and said because you’ve asked me to wisdom. I’m going to give you money. I’m going to give you honor. And I’m going to destroy your enemies.

Just start saying wisdom, open your mouth and speak wisdom, and God will be so impressed with you. He will say because it’s 5780 open your mouth, and I will fill it with wisdom. It is the year 2020, which is completeness, sufficiency and protection. It is the year in which God has been waiting to do miraculous things for you. Now listen closely. God is saying “you’re the very one I’m picking out.” God is saying to you, “everything is about to change.”

We read in Genesis where God said to Isaac, “I’m going to call you into a famine. I’m going to take you to Egypt and they got famine… they’ve got money problems, they’re killing each other. There is sickness. There is a virus going around destroying people. I’m calling you there.” Isaac said, “What in the world are you doing God?” He said, “I want to call you there. I want to call you into entrapment of death. I want to call you into entrapment of sickness. I want to call you into misery.” And Isaac says, “and what are you going to do God?” And in Genesis 26, he says, “You are going to sow and I’m going to give you 100 FOLD BACK in this season in the midst of no rain, in famine…”


God has brought me to speak to YOU by email, to tell you “it’s over”. That struggle, that famine, that confusion, that suffering- IT’S OVER! Hear the Word of The Lord today!! Because your opening your mouth in obedience and following the instruction of the Lord from His prophet is about to break it all…

Jehoshaphat was a king over Southern Israel, Ahab over northern Israel. He had 1.1 million men in his army, and one day Ahab came to Jehoshaphat seeking help to fight Syrians. Jehoshaphat asked Ahab where is your prophet, Ahab told him, “I don’t like prophets, preachers, priests, etc.” Jehoshaphat told him “I never do anything without a prophet”. And so Jehoshaphat compromised and went to the battle with Ahab. Ahab told him he would disguise himself, he didn’t need the help of a prophet… BUT you can disguise yourself all day long, but God knows right where you are. And that was the day that he had died because he didn’t listen to his prophet, which means he didn’t prosper. Now when Jehoshaphat got back home, the Bible says his prophet, his minister, chewed him out. “You shouldn’t have done that” he said. A few days later, that same army came after Jehoshaphat. And there were 3 million of them and only a million of his. And he says, “I need help. Prophet, Man of God, What do I do?” Jehoshaphat’s Prophet said these words, “You listen to me, and you hear what I have to say. And you will win the battle.” 2 Chronicles 20:20.

Is that a coincidence? No.

God put 2020 because He knew there would be a 2020, such a time as this… And if you will listen to the Word coming through your computer, your email, right now… And here’s what God’s saying. This is the year of prosperity. And I’m going to tell you I say this with strong conviction. I don’t know if we’re ever going to have another year like this. But this year is pivotal. There is a Word before you and an opportunity only for a select few.

Open your mouth and speak wisdom. Yes. And here comes your deliverance: If you will listen, because you don’t have to listen, you can turn me off, the prophet, the revelation, what I am saying… This is the greatest year in the history of the universe. And you could have been born 100 years ago, or a hundred years later, but you were born in a generation to see 2020.

You say what do I do? The answer is simple: YOU SOW. “I sow?” you say, sow what? what’s that mean? You do something as God required out of Isaac to sow seed.

This is what I’m sensing- you are about to change everything. You get ready to be healed. You get ready, your whole world is going to change. It’s 2020… listen to His prophets. I’m telling you to sow! In the midst of your crisis God is preparing to put wisdom in your mouth. I feel very strong about this right now. I don’t know why but I just feel very strong about this. Job gave seven Rams and seven bullocks on the altar. And God made the devil give him back everything that the devil stolen from him. WOW!! I want you to take seven in one hand and seven in the other hand, make it 77. And here’s what I want you to do. I want you to get in agreement with us. That right now you are going to say, “God here is my $77 seed for 2020”. And let me tell you why I live and die by these words—> I’m not trying to get something out of you. I’m trying to get something to you!! And if you will respond to the prophetic word. You are about to get a miracle. Say “yes” to God.

I am believing when you sow a “Wisdom Seed” of $77 right now that you will open up a season of prosperity for an entire year like you have never before seen- 2020.

You can sow right now by:
• Clicking the link here to give online – SOW YOUR $77 WISDOM SEED HERE
• Sending a text message of “PWM” to 45777 and follow the instructions.
• Or calling 1-800-PAULA-17 and sow an offering

Maybe God is speaking to you to activate in faith your entire decade with a seed of $777. Whatever God is instructing you to do- DO IT! I feel like there is someone God is speaking to for that… Obey the prophetic instruction. This is a special moment in your life. One of the most important moments. This is not an accident you’re here today receiving this particular email at this particular time. Respond to what the prophet that has come into your life is instructing and God’s is getting ready to change everything. Say to God, “This is my offering.” It will move you into a season.

YOU can sow right now by:
• Clicking the link here to give online – SOW YOUR $777 WISDOM SEED HERE
• Sending a text message of “PWM” to 45777 and follow the instructions.
• Or calling 1-800-PAULA-17 and sow an offering

Remember Jacob for 20 years got ripped off 10 times he was ripped off… But at the 20th year (remember 2020), the Bible says that God blessed him so much that the people who stole from him bowed down to him because he had so much money, and so much prosperity and so much Health and Family… Click the link, text the number, go to your phone. If I have ever spoken a word, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! This is the year of perfection, it will break. It will break. It will break something open in your life. God has said YOU are the one He is speaking to. Now say, “Lord, here is my offering. I am believing. This is my year.” It is incredible.

Your Servant in agreement with you,
Pastor Paula