This is a Word for you NOW!
3 Things are about to happen when you sustain this ministry...


Read this incredible testimony of God’s Miracle Sustainment Power

“I actually had a miracle happen on Friday. I woke up early in the a.m. and immediately reached for my phone to look at my email. I always receive emails from PWM, but when I reached for my phone Fri am, I was expecting something. There was your message on miracles and sustainment. I knew it was specifically for me. A few days prior, I bought groceries and because I didn’t have employment, when I put my groceries away I literally felt like this is the last time I would be able to put groceries in my fridge until I was employed. I was reminded of the woman who gave her last meal to the prophet. I kinda chuckled at myself. Anyway, after I read your email, I went to make breakfast, and I literally heard the loving voice of God tell me “I want to sustain you.” Not just, “I will,” but that He wanted to. I knew that I was supposed to give to PWM so I did. By 2 o’clock that day I had a job offer and I start to work at a chiropractor‘s office tomorrow morning. I interviewed for the job almost 2 weeks ago and didn’t think I would hear anything. That is what I call a suddenly! I’m always so encouraged by all of your messages on Instagram. Always hanging onto hope that that could happen to me. Because He’s Jehovah- it did. ”


I need to talk to you about something that impacts you… This is a God-moment! He has opened a door of opportunity for His people… ushering forth healing miracles, financial miracles, deliverance miracles, and family miracles. I need to assure you that I have begun prophetic intercessory work on your behalf to ensure that nothing is held up, delayed, or hindered.

It is imperative to tell you that God has really awakened my Spirit to a word for you: SUSTAINMENT. I went into prayer with God and I believe He revealed to me how He is about to turn things around for you. DO NOT allow this email to go unread…

This is not new to my ministry– God instructed me that this summer of prophetic power is a doorway to miracles and all He is doing in this season… I believe He said, “I am placing an opportunity before My people!”

It is these MOMENTS that change everything! DO NOT miss this moment of Divine Revelation and Opportunity!

I have a powerful revelation I want to share in just a moment from 1st Kings Chapter 17 how a little widow woman and her son were on the brink…and then God provided a miracle of sustainment for them…as well as the prophet Elijah. But first… Whatever you’re doing, stop.

I want to remind you that I pray for you daily, and RIGHT NOW I need you to have eyes to see and an ear to hear this… If you miss this you will miss your moment because God’s word, a divine prophecy, doesn’t just mean to foretell, but it means to tell forth. Whatever you’ve gone through or are going through RIGHT NOW, is there anything too difficult for God?


  • healing miracles,
  • financial miracles,
  • deliverance miracles,
  • and family miracles.

I want to assure you that I have begun deep intercessory work in the spirit on your behalf, and for a group I feel close to in ministry, to ensure that nothing is held up, delayed, or hindered. And during this prophetic season I am expecting something so supernatural will take place that it will literally shift the rest of your 2023 in a very positive way, and at the same time I am believing for a supernatural sustainment for our worldwide ministry …because we are entering the always difficult summer months as many go on well-earned vacations with their families, plus the challenges many are facing in this current climate… However, I want to share a miraculous story in your Bible of God’s supernatural sustainment…


IF you have ears to hear and connect to the prophetic moment. ACTIVATION IS KEY! God has revealed to tell you that in a short period of time- there are 3 things He will do with your obedience. REMEMBER, I SAID, “God opens doors of opportunity for His people in cycles and seasons– and RIGHT NOW IS ONE FOR SUPERNATURAL SUSTAINMENT FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2023 AND BEYOND!”

  • One, you have a specific need. You need answered prayer and you need it NOW! You might be saying, “God, oh God… I need this prayer to be answered.”
  • Two, God desperately wants to respond to your faith to do something for a child or loved one. It’s going to happen to your bloodline. It’s going to happen to your grandson, granddaughter, a dear friend… Someone you care for.
  • And Three, you have a financial need in some way. You NEED FINANCES… In other words, I see a financial difficulty, a budget, opportunity, “How can I adjust? How can I get more? Will God help me financially?”

God showed me, three things are about to happen because of the anointing on my ministry. And as I said— it is an anointing- God only instructs me to deliver this Word at specific times, and to those whom HE CHOOSESI am to pray for you specifically when I get your response and see your name. I’m here to tell you that the anointing of God is in this email. It is an anointing of SUSTAINMENT! I believe what I’m about to tell you will change your life.

  1. A miracle is going to happen. Prayers are going to be answered. Supernaturally.
  2. Something good is going to happen to your bloodline, your children, your family, a loved one. God wants to bless someone you love.
  3. God is about to send a financial miracle like you have never experienced.

Now, let me explain… When you go to 1 Kings, (remember God is the same yesterday, today, and forever…) there is a prophet, and today there is a prophetic utterance through this email. I AM TRULY BELIEVING THAT FOR YOU

God sends the Prophet Elijah, and Elijah gives a word. He has the power with God to bring attention to the world that God is still in control, so the prophet speaks and shuts off the rains, in 1 Kings 17, he tells God and God says I’ll listen to you, (“Paula. I will listen to you woman of God.”) And the Bible says God responds to the prayer of Elijah, and he shuts off the waters, the rains, and famine strikes the Middle East and animals die, vegetation dies, trees die and now, nobody has a job, starvation had set in, but to this man of God, God says I’ve got to hide you because nothing’s going to happen until you speak to me to let it rain again.

God is positioning both Elijah and the hearer of his words for a miracle of sustainment! GET READY!! Right now, the Holy Spirit is saying there’s somebody reading THIS MESSAGE from Paula, there’s someone watching Paula online, on television, the anointing that I have placed upon Paula and this ministry, God said, “Paula, I’m going to force you into a position to go on television, preach online, to be in a pulpit, to lead people. I am going to prepare someone to watch you, listen to you, TO READ THIS MESSAGE, and they’re going to sustain you.”

The Bible says during this famine that the prophet asked God where his next meal would come from… and God said, I have prepared someone in a certain city to sustain you. To give to you, to keep you going. -PLEASE HEAR THIS PROPHETIC WORD FOR YOU!!!

I only have limited time to explain in this message. You must hear this- God said I’m sending you Paula by the internet to speak to the person at this moment. I am sending you to speak this word and the anointing, and I have someone I am desperate to bless! HE IS GOING TO PROVIDE SUSTAINERS THIS SUMMER OF 2023 SO HE CAN BLESS THEM!

The Bible says that the prophet went to the city and there was a woman going to eat her last meal. In fact, we could take it further by saying she had told her son, “let’s go to the graveyard, dig our graves. Everybody’s dying. This is our last meal son, starvation will set in. We’re going to die, were going to eat our last meal.” God sends the prophet of God… (and God sends Paula to write this message, to write to you and say I need to be sustained.)

And the Bible says he runs into this lady, this lady who’s going to run out of everything…. I’m talking to you today because you need a financial miracle. You need a miracle in your family, and you have been praying for God to answer your prayer. The Bible says that he ran into this lady. He said, “ma’am, I need some water,” …there was hardly any water, and she willing, …and I’m only talking to you because only someone who is willing is reading this now. Others unwilling have already stopped… They’ve already clicked off, but not you because God has on purpose put you in a position because God is going to ask you to sustain the ministry so He can do the miracle for you!…

The Bible says that Elijah immediately said to the woman could you give me a drink of water, and she says I know where there’s some water, but I don’t know who you are. Could you do that ma’am he says, and ma’am, if you knew who I was you probably would get excited, but I’m not going to tell you who I am, but I need to eat, I need to live. I’m controlling the weather. I’m the man that controls what’s going on (by God’s instruction). If I ask God for it to rain then prosperity will come, but I am the one that has asked God to stop it from raining, and the famine and all that is happening in the Middle East is because I’m trying to get the people’s attention to believe in God!!!

The woman in 1 Kings 17 said, “I can not feed you sir, sir my son and I… We’re going to eat our last meal, and we’re going to die,” and then Elijah the prophet said something to her. Now listen, this is what’s going to change the rest of your lifethe Spirit of the Lord I believe is saying if you sustain this ministry, He will turn around and do three miracles for you. The prophet said, “ma’am, feed me first.” It sounded rude. It sounded harsh, but God is looking for sustainers.

If a person sustains an anointed ministry it moves God to do the impossible in your life. The woman said, “I don’t know if I can do that,” and he said, “Fear not.” In the name of Jesus something is saying to me to tell you, “fear not,” and the Bible says she went and she cooked her last meal and gave it to the prophet. Her boy is probably sitting there saying, momma, what are you doing? Momma, you said it was our last, why are you giving it? Baby, I don’t know, but something tells me to sustain this anointing. You read later, she was a little reluctant. She was questionable about the situation. I am to tell you, “do not fear!”

Three things are getting ready to happen to you. Miracles are getting ready to happen. Illness is getting ready to be healed, supernatural things because today this word is a unique word because God has called you to read this and He is saying “Paula, they’re going to sustain you because I am getting ready to bless them,” then as the woman fixed the meal for the man of God. The Bible said the man of God told her your meal barrel and cruse of oil will be filled! You will see it will be full. The Bible said the minute she sustained that prophet, her meal barrel and cruse of oil was filled… supernatural provision in a time of famine!

How did this happen? She sustained the man of God. (You sustained the woman of God.) You are a sustainer!

The Bible goes on to say that as she sustained the prophet, her son fell ill and died. Elijah said to her ‘Fear not’, stretched himself over her son, prayed, life came back into him, and she said: “Now I know you are a man of God!” As she sustained God’s man, God also sustained her family!

I set my faith and come into agreement that God is getting ready to do a turnaround in the next 24 hours in your life. Something is going to break in the heavenlies. CAN YOU BELIEVE WITH ME?? By the power of God, in the next 24 hours your prosperity is going to change. Your want is going to change to prosperity! I declare it by the prophetic anointing! You pray for three things and that’s what’s going to happen IN AN INSTANT

I am to decree this NOW over you and declare YOU A SUSTAINER-

God is going to sustain you when other people around you are falling. When they can’t make it through. They don’t have an opportunity. God’s gonna open the floodgates of Heaven, and He’s gonna bring supply to you. And not only was her barrel filled, but the Bible said so was her oil. There’s gonna be a fresh anointing that is released upon you right now. An anointing that stops the hand of the enemy.

There is someone that has an ear to hear and an eye to see and as you go and obey the voice of God and give an offering of sustainment right now, not only is He going to cause this ministry to be sustained, but God is protecting you from a trap that the enemy has set up for you. Every covenant with death, hell, and the grave over you, your household, your children is being broken right now as you get up and sow that seed, and you say, yes, God has spoken to me. The Holy Spirit has activated this prophetic word and is saying get up and give an Offering of Sustainment.

Like this story in your Bible of Elijah and the widow woman, the power of God is getting ready to do something so supernatural because you are a sustainer!! God’s gonna say I remember what you did. And God is about to supernaturally fill your meal barrel and also fill your life with oil. Your obedience is about to overturn what the enemy has set up to take you out. Not only are you not going to go out, not only is your lineage not going to go out, not only is God going to sustain you, but here’s what’s gonna ultimately happen- One person’s obedience is gonna turn around an entire situation eventually for a whole nation…

Yes, it’s going to benefit you personally. There’s a fresh anointing. There’s fresh supply coming to you. There’s new opportunities, when you come in agreement with the prophetic word, and God’s shifting you into a new season. He’s shifting you into a position that God says I have prepared for you, and I am giving you this opportunity at this moment. YOU ARE A SUSTAINER.” Hallelujah!

There is a sacrifice that must be called upon for this to be activated in your life. It is The Offering of Sustainment. This is not new to my ministry– God clearly instructed me that this summer of prophetic power is a doorway to miracles and all He is doing in this season… He said, “I am placing an opportunity before My people!”

It is a sacrifice of the flesh. God is getting ready to change everything in the next 24 hours. You are prophetically assigned to sustain this ministry to be a voice.

There are 3 levels of giving that the Lord has directed… God knows your level of sacrifice. YOUR ACT OF FAITH IN OBEDIENCE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN RELEASE YOUR MIRACLE!

1. $3,000 There is someone reading this that needs a miracle in their business. God is speaking to you NOW to sow into this offering of sustainment. Someone is in need of a miracle. This offering is to remind God you were willing to act on His word.

2. $300 This is a sovereign Offering of Sustainment. This is the person sensing they HAVE to sustain the anointing. Everything is going to change with this seed.

3. $70 “…threescore and ten bullocks…”- 2 Chronicles 29:32 – This offering is if you are limited from giving the above. If so, and this is a sacrifice, then I declare that this Offering of Sustainment will change your situation.

You can also sow right now by:

  • Sending a text message of “PWM” to 45777 and follow the instructions.
  • Or calling 1-800-PAULA-17 to sow an offering

The heavens will move as you move. My heart is full of joy at the abundant blessing your obedience is going to bring you…as you sustain the work of God around the world through this ministry. May God richly bless you as you do.


This is to initiate any or all of the 3 Miracles in your life. I have no problem making these demands because if you have an ear to hear and the will to act by faith, GOD IS READY TO RESPOND TO YOUR OBEDIENCE TO THIS WORD.

-Believing for Miracles for You,