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For Immediate Release | February 21, 2018

Pastor Paula White Mourns the Passing of Billy Graham

“Billy Graham leaves us all with a enormous mantle to assume, to be peacemakers, bridge builders and unifiers in our world, through the power of Jesus Christ.” – Pastor Paula White

APOPKA, Fla. — Pastor Paula White releases the following statement in commemoration and gratitude for the life of Billy Graham:

“Billy Graham is now reunited with his beloved Ruth and is at home in heaven today. Like every other Christian leader in the world, there aren’t words enough to express my admiration and gratitude for the life and legacy of Rev. Billy Graham. It’s not only the power of his preaching, the humility of his character, or the innovation of his approach, it’s that no one has touched more lives and changed the world more profoundly in the last century than he. Billy Graham leaves us all with a enormous mantle to assume, to be peacemakers, bridge builders and unifiers in our world, through the power of Jesus Christ.”


Pastor Paula White is the Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, a non-traditional church with a multicultural mission whose membership ranges in the thousands. In addition to her role as a pastor, she is an internationally recognized teacher, author, evangelist and inspirational figure, and is the host of the nationally syndicated program, Paula Today.

Paula White Ministries - Statement on passing of Rev. Billy Graham


Pastor Paula White helps a couple that can't agree on religion

Steve Harvey and Christian televangelist Paula White sit down with a husband and wife who are struggling getting their faith aligned...

FEATURED  event 

Dr. Phil Show

Dr. Phil recruits Pastor Paula to investigate a couple in crisis

Dr. Phil sends international Christian evangelist and author Pastor Paula White-Cain, who counsels couples in crisis, to Carmen and Dennis’ home...

February 18, 2018


Pastor Paula and New Destiny Christian Center Honored

Pastor Paula White-Cain, Head Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, was honored to have received the Rosa Parks Community Service Award on February 18, 2018 for her work in the local community.

"I’m humbled and blessed to share that our local community relief efforts were also recognized at the District 5 Annual Recognition and Black History Month Celebration! How far we have come, and how much we have accomplished together!"  -  Pastor Paula White-Cain

Paula White Ministries - Rosa Parks Award Ceremony
Paula White Ministries - Black History Month Award
February 20, 2018


Pastor Paula White is bestowed The Black History Month Award

Orange County Public Schools recognizes Pastor Paula as a Black History Month spiritual leader who has given of their very best so that our community may be sustained and inspired during hard times and encouraged to celebrate and rejoice during happy times.

February 8, 2018


Pastor Paula White attends the President's National Prayer Breakfast

"Today I am beyond grateful to see the goodness of God and serve purpose ... We started this morning at The National Prayer Breakfast, went to the WH for meetings, then dinners for fellowship and fun! It is always great to be with my friend Ivanka Trump - a woman who has poured her life into helping better others!" - Pastor Paula White-Caine

Paula White Ministries - National Prayer Breakfast 2018
Paula White Ministries - FOX News TV Interview
February 17, 2018


Pastor Paula White discusses prayer for victims of school shooting

Trusted advisor to President Donald J. Trump, Paula White-Cain, discusses the  significance of his public call to prayer on behalf of the victims of the shooting rampage  at Parkland High .School in Florida...

JANUARY 3, 2018

CBN NEWS - Faith Nation

Pastor Paula shares political events Christians celebrated in 2017

How did the political climate settle with the Church? Trusted advisor to President Donald J. Trump, Paula White-Cain, joins the CBN FaithNation news program with her insight...

Paula White Ministries - CBN Faith Nation News TV Interview
Paula White Ministries - President Trump at White House
January 1, 2018


Paula White honored as among the 'Top 7 Evangelicals Who Made an Impact in 2017'

The Florida televangelist became known during the 2016 presidential election as Trump's "God whisperer" as she helped rally the support of prominent evangelical leaders around the billionaire real estate mogul before the general election.

Having known Trump for over 17 years, White, the 51-year-old pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida is considered to be Trump's closest spiritual adviser and often attests to the president's Christian faith. She was also one of six faith leaders to speak at Trump's inauguration...

December 25, 2017


Why putting Christ back in Christmas is important to Trump 

Paula White, chairwoman of Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board, salutes President Trump's defense of religious freedom...

Paula White Ministries - Fox News Interview
Paula White Ministries - PBS News Hour Story
January 20, 2017


First woman clergy to pray at the Presidential Inauguration 

November 14, 2017


She led Trump to Christ:
The rise of the televangelist who advises the White House

White has played a significant role in Trump’s life. Last June, Dobson identified her as someone who had known Trump for years and “personally led him to Christ.” Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, told me by email: “She’s very influential. She has been close to Trump and the family for many years.” Trump’s son Eric sent me this statement: “Paula is a terrific woman and a wonderful friend to our entire family. We are very grateful for her support and guidance. Faith is so important and Pastor White continues to be an inspiration to all those who know her.”...

Paula White MInistries - Washington Post Newspaper Article
Paula White Ministries - CBN 700 Club TV Interview
August 12, 2017


Paula White: Donald Trump "Knows God"

Televangelist Paula White tells The Brody File that Donald Trump, "knows God." Watch the exclusive interview here...

January 22, 2017


Trump's Spiritual Adviser Talks About Relationship With President

Paula White, one of the spiritual leaders who spoke at President Donald Trump's inauguration talks about the intersection of religion and politics...

Paula White MInistries - NPR News Story
Paula White Ministries - Charisma Magazine Story
January 20, 2017


At Trump Inauguration, Charismatic Leaders Pray Boldly in Jesus' Name:
Is This Foreshadowing a New Day in America?

In 2012 when Trump was thinking about running for president, he asked Paula to gather a group of pastors to pray with him about running. Of course, he decided to wait until 2016, but Paula had established herself in a key role as a spiritual adviser...

January 20, 2017


Donald Trump Held A Very Godly Inauguration

Paula White-Cain, Trump’s longtime spiritual advisor and leader of New Destiny Christian Center, was the first female clergy to lead an inaugural prayer, according to the inaugural committee. “Let your favor be upon this one nation under God,” she prayed. “Let these United States of America be that beacon of hope to all people and nations under your dominion, a true hope for humankind.”...

Paula White MInistries - Time Magazine Article
Paula White Ministries - NBC Nightly News TV Interview
January 19, 2017


Meet the Woman Who Many Call President-Elect Trump’s Spiritual Advisor

Critics have slammed her as a charlatan, but in a rare interview with NBC’s Anne Thompson, Paula White defends her message and gives insight into the president-elect’s beliefs...

January 19, 2017


The Story Behind Trump’s Controversial Prayer Partner:
What Paula White’s Washington moment implies for the prosperity gospel’s future

Donald Trump discovered Paula White the same way legions of fans and followers did: on television. Fifteen years of prayer, visits, and friendship later, the Florida preacher now serves as the top spiritual adviser for America’s president-elect and, essentially, his guide to the country’s religious conservatives...

Paula White MInistries - Christianity Today Magazine Article
Paula White Ministries - NBC TV News Story
January 18 2017


Who Is Paula White:
Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Praying at His Inauguration

White is one of six religious leaders who will pray over Trump's swearing in on January 20th. In a wide-ranging interview with NBC Nightly News ahead of her prayer, White attested to the sometimes elusive spirituality of the president-elect, while pushing back the vocal critics who say White shouldn't be involved in the inauguration...

January 17, 2017


Paula White, Trump’s Spiritual Adviser, Says He Has ‘a Hunger for God’

Ms. White, who has been called Mr. Trump’s “spiritual adviser,” will be the first female clergy member to pray at a presidential inauguration, where she will deliver an invocation. The president-elect and Ms. White have been friends for 15 years, since Mr. Trump saw her on Christian television and called to tell her she was “fantastic.”...

Paula White MInistries - New York Times Newspaper Article
Paula White Ministries - Fox News TV Interview
December 26, 2016


Trump's longtime spiritual adviser speaks out:
Paula White offers insight on the president-elect

November 11, 2016


Paula White: God's Hand and Purpose Were on Trump

Longtime Donald Trump advocate and friend Paula White says God's hand and purpose was on the president-elect. "There's no way in the natural, if we were to use this terminology, that you could take a man against 17 other candidates that if we look back at the beginning of this, very qualified candidates, and then here he is, the nominee. For me, that has to be providence. That has to be the hand of God, in my opinion," she told CBN's David Brody earlier this year...

Paula White MInistries - Charisma News Magazine Article
Paula White Ministries - Time Magazine News Story
September 14, 2016


Meet the Pastor Who Prays With Donald Trump

Ivanka Trump is not the only member of his family who has come to rely on White, 50, a popular televangelist who believes that intercessory prayer can have an immediate impact on shaping events. After she saw Ivanka, she went to her room in the Trump campaign’s Cleveland hotel, where she spent the next four hours praying for Donald Trump as he prepared for his prime-time convention address. Then at the candidate’s invitation, she met the Republican nominee, his wife Melania and 10-year old son Barron for another circle of prayer in their room....

July 8, 2016


Paula White on Donald Trump's Christian Faith

In an exclusive interview with The Christian Post, Pastor Paula White talks about Donald Trump's faith and why she supports him for president. She also responds directly to the many Christians who either don't support Trump or are still unsure of who to vote for this November...

Paula White MInistries - Christian Post Magazine Article
Paula White Ministries - Politico Magazine Story
July 11, 2016


Donald Trump’s God whisperer

The woman who led the candidate to Christ has many of the same problems connecting with evangelicals as he has...

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