Let’s talk relationships 🙂

We all have them, want them, lose them, and need them. But did you know that relationships are more than they appear on the surface? Relationships are “the currency of the Kingdom of God!”

You might be married, single, divorced, distraught, delighted, searching or satisfied. But relationships go far beyond intimate companionship. They include family, friends, co-workers, even enemies! We can’t escape the reality of relationships– Even though sometimes we really want to…

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I believe God has given me the tools to transform your life in the area of Relationships!

There is a fight for every relationship you value AND for every God-ordained relationship you have yet to encounter… A fight for your Kingdom currency! God has “Covenant Connections” assigned for you to fulfill your purpose in the earth!

Do you feel this in your spirit?

God has wonderful purposes in your life that can only be fulfilled by His ordained unions and associations… divine purposes that can only be bought by Kingdom Currency… but because the enemy has successfully suppressed vital principles from God’s people, ties have been severed, hearts have been broken, people have been silenced, and pride has caused strife and unforgiveness… BUT GOD!… The foundation of HIS principles and wisdom will always withstand the onslaught of Satan’s storms against the relationships that God desires for you, your happiness, your success, and your purpose!

God has revealed the HOW-TO’s for purpose-fulfilling relationships! Whether it is family or spouse, a potential romantic relationship, a business association, the re-establishment of friends, or the like- we are going to secure them in the principles of God’s Word!

Happy, Healthy and Whole relationships are God’s will for your life!

Life is relational and I am declaring life and life more abundantly over you in every area. I am declaring your relationships will prosper and YOU will prosper from them.


You can have HAPPY relationships, HEALTHY relationships, and WHOLE relationships!

I have updated my acclaimed relationships book, “I Don’t Get Wholeness, That’s The Problem” with more chapters and brand-new content and I have called it: “Happy, Healthy, and Whole: Making Relationships Work“… and I want to get it to you immediately!

I have also created a landmark 10 Disc series (on 5 CD’s and 5 DVD’s plus digital download) titled “Happy, Healthy, and Whole: Making Relationships Work“.

I want to send both of these to you, plus my in-depth 4 DVD teaching series “Let’s talk About It”, all for your ministry gift of $100 or more when you Click the link below, Call Toll-Free, or text-to-give right now.

You’ll discover:

*why you attract the people you do;

*the 10 top emotional needs in a relationship;

*building better intimacy

*and so much more!


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  • Click the link here to give online – GIVE YOUR $25 or MORE OFFERING HERE
  • Send a text message of “PWM” to 45777 and follow the instructions.
  • Or call 1-800-PAULA-17 to sow an offering
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