Are you ready for Supernatural, Divine, Miracle-Working Season that God Himself has set up? UPDATE: We are officially in God’s Holiest Season of the Year!

Rosh Hashanah officially began Monday September 6th at sundown!

God has set up a divine appointment with you! And He is very intentional, He is a God of Timing and Principles! With everything going on in the world- The last thing that you want to miss is an appointment that God has set up.

It is His holy days, His own holidays. There are three feast seasons, a total of seven feasts. The first one is Passover, which has three divine appointments. 50 days later, you get to the stand-alone Feast of Pentecost, then we come into the fall season, which is the fall feasts of: Rosh Hashanah, which is the head of the year, that begins “The 10 days of Awe,”which leads to The Day of Atonement, God’s most holy day, then into The Feast of Tabernacles.




All these have a prophetic meaning, a literal meaning, and they give us principles that God himself has told us to live by. “What what does this have to do with me, Paula?” Well, God tells us in the book of James, we are not released from these divine appointments, that we do not practice them the same in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, a high priest would go into the Holy of Holies, one time a year, and make atonement that would cover for the sins of man. When Jesus Christ came, He became our Atonement. So why are we celebrating this?

We celebrate to remember what the blood can do. And if you ever need the blood of Jesus Christ, if you ever need God’s blood to cover you, if you ever need to remember, to honor, to respect the blood covenant that you have… because during these days, it’s the only thing that is keeping us, separating us, knowing that I am in covenant with a holy God because of the blood of Jesus Christ.

This is not something that we can buy. This is not something we can earn. This is only something we can honor. And that’s what God says to do!

“…these are the LORD’s appointed festivals, the official days for holy assembly that are to be celebrated at their proper times each year” (Leviticus 23:4).

“Be careful to celebrate the Day of Atonement on the tenth day of that same month—nine days after the Festival of Trumpets. You must observe it as an official day for holy assembly, a day to deny yourselves and present special gifts to the LORD” (Leviticus 23:27).

In Leviticus, chapter 23, God lays out the Day of Atonement, he lays out the Feast of Tabernacles, he lays out these holy days that we’re coming into now. And He says, “honor Me, respect Me, reverence Me.” Starting with the “10 days of Awe.”

“What is 10 days of Awe, Paula”? God gives us 10 days of repentance. Now, we know that we’re to repent all the time, but we get occupied with life, we get burdened, we get heavy, “the kids are sick, the bills are due, I’m in a fight with this person. Boy, I can’t even turn on the news. I’m full of anxiety and worry…”

And God says, “Halt, stop, hold it! I want you to remember I am God, I am sovereign. And I have you. I have a covenant with you that is different than anyone who doesn’t have a covenant.” And that’s what God was telling His chosen people. He told the Israelites that, he said, “stop hold it! You’re surrounded by enemies.”

Yes, there are crazy things going on in the earth, and especially when it comes to the fall feasts. And I’ll explain why…

So He says, “Stop and remember!” Repentance means: I changed my mind, I changed my direction. So God is saying, “Hey, how are your relationships? Is there any unforgiveness in your heart? Are you out of order with my word? Is there something that you’re directly, deliberately doing, that is sin, you’re missing the mark? What’s your attitude?” God says, “inspect all this.”

Remember that the feast for the Jewish people was looking for the year ahead. It was not looking behind them. It’s looking ahead, that’s very important for you!

So as they would look ahead, they would have to circumcise their heart, they would have to be introspective. Where did they miss it? Where did they not get things right? Where was their life out of alignment with God’s instruction, and they would have to align themselves. It was very important that God gave this 10 days to look at yourself, to look at everything in your life. “Am I in covenant? Am I bringing my tithe to the storehouse? Am I honoring God? Are my children right? Is my household right? Is my heart right? It’s my life right? Do I treat people right?” All of those things vitally important!

As we forgive, as we repent, as we get our heart right, then we come to the Day of Atonement. God says, “Do not stand before me empty-handed,” Deuteronomy 16:16, “But you must bring an offering every man according to his ability.”

Now you say, “well, I’m under the New Testament I can just slack…” NO! In the New Testament, it was much stricter. In the book of James it says, “We’re not held to the ritual of the law, but we are not released from the principles of it.” That’s vitally important because on God’s most holy day, it’s about righteousness. It’s about prayer. It’s about fasting, it’s about implementing His Word in our life.

This is a time where me and my family bring a very sacrificial offering. Because I say to you, and to myself, “what is the price of the blood? If I was the richest person in the world, it wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket for what I could or should give to God. All the money in the world could never honor for what God has done for me.”

What has God done for you?

How valuable is the blood?

How valuable is that precious blood, that atoned for your sins, that redeemed you, that covers you, that keeps you, that hedges you in?

Think about that…

God says, “Honor Me! Respect Me! Love me!” And we recognize the Day of Atonement on September 16, beginning with Rosh Hashanah on September 6th, the trumpet blasts, and when we recognize that and bring to God a sacrificial atonement offering! We’re saying, “thank You for Your blood. Thank You for the covenant.”

God says, “as you obey me…” because this really boils down to obedience and disobedience, as do most things in God’s word. “As you obey me, with the divine appointment I’ve set up,” he says, “There are seven blessings I want to release to you!”

  • Double portion. It’s when the latter rain and the former rain come together.
  • Financial abundance.
  • Restoration. Everything is coming back again, God’s going to restore to you everything that the enemy stole.
  • Miracles. In the midst of everything going on. God’s going to give you miracle after miracle.
  • God’s divine presence. Joel 2:27
  • Blessings upon your family. Joel 2:28
  • Deliverance. Joel 2:32.

It is absolutely imperative that you don’t miss this moment. “What do I do?” You click on the donation button and you say, “Paula, I’m honoring God. I’m standing with you at Paula White Ministries with this Sacrificial Atonement Offering. This is about me being in position with God, and God using you to take the gospel around the world, to stand in the midst of a ‘woke culture’ and claim the gospel of Jesus Christ!”

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but Isaiah 55:11 says, “the Word will not return void, and it will go to that which it is sent to and it will prosper.” God’s Word will remain.

And I just pray over you right now for a spirit of discernment and a heart that is tender to the Lord, and a hope and a faith that will move in the principles and the promises of God, with an expectation that it is your time for double portion. It is your time for miracles. It is your time for restoration. It is your time for God’s presence. It is your time for God’s blessings upon your family, it is your time to see God’s goodness. In the name of Jesus Christ!

Don’t let your heart be troubled. As a believer rejoice- God is with you! And you are in a divine, supernatural season.

In Leviticus 23:24, a trumpet or shofar blast announces to this holy season and the beginning of the Fall Feasts of the Lord:

  • The Feast of Trumpets” (or Rosh Hashanah September 6th),
  • The Day of Atonement (or Yom Kippur September 16th),
  • and “The Feast of Tabernacles”(Sukkot September 20th-27th)

The Day of Atonement is a sacred covenant with God that is ageless and to be honored throughout all generations! “This shall be an everlasting statute for you to make atonement…” (Leviticus 16:34).

“…and they shall not appear before the Lord empty-handed. Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you” (Deuteronomy 16:16-17).

Every individual was commanded to bring their VERY BEST SACRIFICIAL OFFERING to covenant with God.


You can sow right now by:

  • Sending a text message of “PWM” to 45777 and follow the instructions.
  • Or calling 1-800-PAULA-17 to sow an offering

**Remember to send me your Atonement prayer request immediately with your seed so my intercessors and I can agree with you and ACTIVATE what God has for you today! CLICK HERE TO SEND TO ME NOW-paulawhite.org/prayer

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Kristine Fredricksen

I will make sure I send my offering according to my ability on Sept 16. I promise you that. God is telling me not to do it any sooner or later.