Pastor Paula recently co-sponsored and organized a “Project Shine” event at “His House Children’s Home” (FL) , for refugee children ranging in age from 5-12 years old, many of whom are undersized for their age due to prior malnutrition. Throughout the exciting afternoon, the children were loved upon and joined in play by the many caring volunteers from Paula White Ministries and several local church organizations. The children were able to spend the afternoon carefree, playing for several hours in a massive inflatable water park set up just for them to enjoy. Paula White surprised the children as a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Truck pulled up to the water park playing delightful music. The children cheered as they surrounded the truck, which offered them unlimited ice cream flavors and yummy toppings. Suffice it to say, a copious quantity of smiling did abound on this day!

The director of “His House Childrens Home, Silvia Torres, had this to say about the event: “Dear Pastor Paula, You are such a great blessing! Thank you for all you did to coordinate the event. The children had the most amazing experience with the water slides, bounce house, face painting and yummy ice-cream from Ben and Jerry’s. It was an unforgettable time they will cherish forever. We are thankful for the amazing group of volunteers that came from Paula White Ministries to support and spend quality time with the children”.

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