“But we glory in tribulations” Romans 5:3

To have a testimony, you must first go through a test. What looks like a mess is your make up for miracles. For supernatural glory to be manifested, you must realize that your testing is not for your benefit alone, but for His glory to be made known in you. The Apostle Paul went through persecution, attacks, mockery, abandonment, stoning, and great opposition; but his journey through this daily life was like a walk down “Hell Boulevard.”

The word glory is “doxa” in the Greek. It means God’s praise or God’s integrity. When Paul said we glory in tribulation, he meant that despite what comes our way, we can go through it with peace, with joy and with God’s arms wrapped around us. But you cannot appreciate someone’s glory until you know his or her story.

The man who wrote one-third of the New Testament, the man who knew several languages, who was educated to the highest degree of his day was shunned and despised by his contemporaries. An incredible intellectual man and a prolific writer, but when he received Jesus Christ as his Savior he was separated from his colleagues. Originally the church, because of his past, a murderer, rejected him. The religious leaders continuously challenged him because of his new teaching. But when Paul was on trail for his faith before Festus, Fleix and Agrippa, he revisited his past to testify of God’s grace. What you have gone through is for His glory, and at the right time, Jesus will shine through you.

“To reflect the glory is to shine where you have been buffed.”

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