In January, Paula White Ministries Global Outreach Pastor Todd Lamphere led a delegation of pastors back to the holy land to witness firsthand the atrocities brought against the Jewish people by the Hamas terrorist. The 5 day trip was designed for pastors to visit the war torn region, hear from military experts and experience the plight of those living in Southern Israel.

Working in collaboration with CityServe Israel and the National Faith Advisory Board, Pastor Paula wanted to engage the faith community within the United States to never forget the events on Oct. 7, 2023. “The hurt and pain is real and ongoing for the people of Israel,” said Pastor Paula. “You cannot fully grasp the magnitude of horror and destruction until you walk on those sacred grounds.”

The delegation of pastors visited Kibbutz Kfar Aza where 64 residents lost their lives, the Nova Music festival where 350 young people were viciously killed and to the Moshav Ein HaBesor. Ein HaBesor has been adopted by Paula White Ministries and CityServe Israel and the partnership is assisting the residents in getting settled back in to their moshav. Additionally, the group of pastors volunteered at a farm and assisted local farmers in harvesting their crops.

Paula White Ministries, along with the collaborative network, were honored at the unveiling of a flower garden and tree planting ceremony by the residents of Ein HaBesor. Since the war started, the partnership has purchased school equipment for the limited reopening of the preschool and Kindergarten, washing machines for the displaced residents and a high end security drone to keep the people safe and protected.

Paula White Ministries is committed to standing with Israel and with the families of Ein HaBesor. Please consider joining Pastor Paula in helping rebirth the Biblical Eschol Valley.


Please continue to help us support the people of Israel… You can give to Paula White Ministries to help Israel during this critical time!

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