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Around the world today, the greatest challenge we face is moral and spiritual decay. That is what we call a Judges 2:10 moment.” Just one generation after Joshua died, an entire nation fell away from God… Why?

Because the Israelites stopped studying and practicing the things they’ve been taught about God. The more God is removed from our society the more we will find decay

manifesting itself…

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Watch "Church & Revival Pt3" on Life Network for WomenWatch "Church & Revival Pt3" on Life Network for Women

We must bring God’s presence back in our lives, our homes, our churches, our cities and nations.

Look what Jesus did with common men— In just 3 ½ years, average men and women were transformed into fearless disciples, literally filled with the Spirit of God! They didnt wince at suffering, they didnt withdraw from sacrifice… these ordinary people were equipped with spiritual authority over demons and exercised power over illnesses.

They were living proof that Christ transforms people. 3 ½ years of “undiluted Jesus” will produce in us what it did in them: the kingdom of God! God is not raising up ministries”; He is raising up servants (in the Greek ‘doulous’ means a slave, bondservant).

Philippians 1:1, Paul and Timothy, servants of Jesus Christ…” After we realize that the goal is not ministry,” but servants, we will begin to see the power of Christ restored to the church!

Leaders must be individuals whose burning passion is conformity to Jesus.

The outward form is not the issue with God; the true issue is the posture of the heart.

The same words Jesus uttered in the first century are still living and active” in the hearts of men today (Heb 4:12). He promised to be with us always, even to the end of the age” (Matt 28:20)…

Jesus is the same, The Holy Spirit is being poured out, and the words of Christ still apply… The “KEY” is: Can we hear them? The evidence of being in the PRESENCE of God is when we hear Gods voice.

On a higher level, Scripture speaks of various spiritual gifts or sacrifices that God requires His followers to bring Him. These spiritual gifts are thanksgiving, praise, and worship.

Thanksgiving relates to Gods goodness. Praise relates to Gods greatness. Worship relates to Gods holiness.

Holiness is the most difficult for the human mind to comprehend because it has no parallel on earth. I believe worship relates directly to Gods holiness. But because its hard to understand His holiness, it can be hard to fully understand and enter into true worship.

When you come into contact with, become aware of, or have a revelation of the holiness of God, there is only one appropriate response: WORSHIP. Holiness is the essence of what God is!!


Watch "Church & Revival Pt3" on Life Network for WomenWatch "Church & Revival Pt3" on Life Network for Women
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