The Harbinger II

What we do or don’t do— is going to determine the future of America. And not only America, as my friend Rabbi Cahn said, but it is the Church and the Church is worldwide… You’re going to see prophetic images before things happen that are nowhere else in the world. I believe you’re going to be blown away. A prophetic look at America in light of current and future events…

Is it coincidence that 2020 has ushered in:

A devastating pandemic,

Massive civil disorder,

Paralyzing economic lockdown

All at the same time?

Is “the shaking” over?

So many people are saying, “What is God up to? What what is going on?” God has raised up people like Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, who has come to me to deliver a prophetic Word for God’s people— He has deep, prophetic insight.

“America has been falling away from God and the warnings- which are things you are seeing magnified now- have continued! And right now here we are in this time of “shaking.” So people are saying, “is this God doing this? Is the enemy doing this? Is this us? Why are these things happening?” First of all, when Israel was judged, on one hand, it was the enemy. It was evil. It was evil nations, but it was also God allowing it- the cross is the enemy trying to kill everything. That’s good, but it’s also God using it for good. There are corrective judgments, there’s remedial judgments, and the judgment that began is actually God’s mercy because— if He doesn’t shake the nation, because culture has come to a point where God can’t reach us except by shouting! CS Lewis said something about that… Remember, we had 911 (September 11, 2001). And there’s this window of time that God allowed for Israel, for Judah, it’s a pattern… He allows the nation to come back, but the problem is— since 911, we’ve been in this window, we are given time, we’re given a chance. But the problem is we have not come back! We’ve gone so much farther since 911. And so the thing is that it has continued. One of the things that at the end of the first Harbinger book, it speaks that the shakings are going to resume… they are now, and there is even a timing in the shaking that points to right now— well why? For years, I was looking at 2020 and saying, “Lord, is this going to follow the pattern?” and it has again, so we know that the pattern is very clear.

So when you look at 911 (Sept 1, 2001)— why 2020? There is a biblical template, that when the first shaking comes, when Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians came in and they invaded Jerusalem. It sets the stage— It happened in the year 605 BC. Now it wasn’t the destruction. It was the first warning, it was the shaking. Then there was a period of time until the greater judgments or the greater shakings came. When do they come? when did it begin? 586 BC, and when you do the math, BECAUSE GOD IS A GOD OF PATTERNS< PRINCIPLES< NUMBERS< CYCLES—put it together… You’ve got 19 years!!

19 years between the first shaking and the greater shaking that is coming. 911 took place in the year 2001. When is the 19th? That year is the year 2020. The prophet Jeremiah prophesied about the 19th year. He spoke about a plague coming to the land, … HELLO?!! we’ve literally got a plague, we’ve got a pestilence, we had all these things. It’s all coming to pass. And we are at a critical moment. This is such a critical time, not only what will happen in America, but what will also happen in Israel and how tied those are, spiritually, theologically. prophetically everything else. I mean, none of this is coincidence. So what happens—-  well we know that we’ve got to repent. We know we have to fast, we know we have to pray, and I want you to understand God’s response to the Church… the Church is the only legal entity in the earth that is authorized by God to bring forth true transformation. And what the church does right now is going to be crucial. If we stay blinded, if we bury our head in the sand, if we just act like this is just all coincidental… It is not coincidental. God is getting the attention of the church. Where does judgment start? in the house of God! Where do we go from here? 

Well, I believe the shaking are not finished. And I believe that this autumn, where we are, in September, October, it’s gonna be critical for America. And we cannot expect the nation to repent for us. We’re the ones, it says “if My people,” so it’s us! What we do, or what we don’t do… And it’s Listen, it’s not just America, it’s the “Church”, because if we were totally awake, like we should have been, it would not have gotten like this. But also crucial that the call is for us right now. What we do or don’t is going to determine the future of America.”

-Rabbi Jonathan Cahn


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Rhonda sahadeo

I believe. I am with you. Im repenting now on behalf of my house my home my ancestors. Oh God have mercy upon us today. Also i repent for my nations. We are sorry LORD for all our sins transgressions and iniquities. Please cleanse us forgive us and make us whole. Please keep us safe from all harm plans traps tatics lies manipulative wickedness curses from the enemies of our bodies SPIRIT and soul. Preserve us hide us under your wings. Thank you LORD IN JESUS NAME. we also pray for all the saints in Christ too.


Always powerful book & CD !!!