Relationships… We all have them, want them, lose them, and need them, but so many struggle to make relationships work! Happy, Healthy and Whole relationships are God’s will for your life… Life is relational! And now, Paula White Cain has produced a landmark 10 Disc series on 5 CD’s and 5 DVD’s plus digital download titled “Happy, Healthy, and Whole: Making Relationships Work. It’s available along with Paula’s informative book of the same name, plus her in-depth 4 DVD teaching series “Let’s talk About It”, all for your ministry gift of $100 or more when you Click the link now, call; write; text-to-give. You’ll discover: why you attract the people you do; the 10 top emotional needs in a relationship; building better intimacy and so much more! Or, for your ministry gift of $25 or more, you’ll receive the Paula’s informative book “Happy, Healthy and Whole: Making Relationships Work” only. Relationships are more than they appear on the surface! Make YOUR relationships Happy, Healthy and Whole, starting TODAY!

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