During moments of darkness and trials, there is always a Passover moment when God intervenes to claim you as His own…

Faith and Redemption Through the Passover

Standing on the edge of a genuinely transformative and awe-inspiring season – the PASSOVER, let’s anchor our souls in the profound significance of this time. Between April 22 and April 30, we step into a period that holds significance beyond simple dates, blessed by the divine presence of God.

Covenant matters. It’s our lifeline, our unbreakable bond with the Creator. Let us lay down a foundation to unveil the critical essence of the Passover and its staggering relevance to us today.

The main topic of Passover is THE BLOOD. Indeed, it’s a powerful reflection of God’s ability to save, redeem, set free, and shield us with His grace through the sacrifice of the Lamb. Don’t forget, this time of year commemorates the freedom of the Israelites from long years of slavery in Egypt, honoring the creation of a nation devoted to God.

As the angel of death descended over Egypt, the Israelites were protected by a veil made of the blood of the Passover lamb. This blood represents deliverance from sin, freedom from captivity, protection from God, and victory over our adversaries.

Let’s delve into the past to grasp its impact:

At Genesis’ end, Joseph passes away. His favor had been a mantle of protection over Israel. However, a new Pharaoh reigns, and soon, Joseph’s descendants find themselves engulfed in brutal slavery.

The suffering depicted in Exodus 1:11-14 NIV is severe, showing a resilient spirit enduring labor and multiplying despite oppression. This narrative draws our attention to the Passover, highlighting the bitterness of hard labor as a reflection of our struggles and suggesting a divine liberation on the horizon.

The Pharaoh was determined to completely destroy. But keep in mind that THE BLOOD shatters the enemy’s ideas! The blood on the doors was a powerful defense mechanism, protecting against death.

Luke 10:19 (KJV) reassures us, “Behold, I give unto you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” This is the covenant of redemption—a release from bondage, sin, and judgment through the blood.

Exodus 12:12-13 reveals, “…and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the Lord… & when I see the blood, I will pass over you.” The term ‘Egypt’ signifies bondage. God appointed Moses, a metaphor for redemption, “drawing out” His people from slavery.

You, as well, have been chosen for God’s plan. Throughout the chapters, we see Moses’s evolution from a reluctant individual to an influential leader God chose. It is essential to recognize that God prepares us before giving tasks, ensuring we are ready for His purposes. 

The plagues were a series of direct challenges to Egypt’s idols leading up to Passover when God announced the appointed time for deliverance. Your deliverance is not a distant possibility; it has a specific date! This season is when God chooses to fulfill His promise in your life. 

Seize this moment and make it count. Embrace it at this moment! Embrace this season as your unique opportunity to meet your fate. It’s more than just remembering; it’s about feeling God’s rescue, His special touch on us through the saving strength of the blood. 

May this Passover be more than just a customary observance and may it be a deep and meaningful experience of God’s saving grace. Experience the deliverance, protection, and the mighty outpouring of miracles as you mark your doorposts in faith. 

During moments of darkness and trials, there is always a Passover moment when God intervenes to claim you as His own. Embrace the protection of the Lamb’s blood and trust in the promise that no harm will befall you. This is the season where you will stand out.  Embrace it and witness God’s plan of redemption and transformation unfold in your life. 


God gave us His best, Jesus Christ, our Passover Lamb, at Calvary. I encourage you in obedience to give God your Best Passover Offering today.  Your obedience to God’s command is the key that can unlock the windows of heaven and release all seven supernatural blessings He has promised into your life!


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