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The Bahamas Restoration Project

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On September 1, 2019 the Bahama islands were rocked with category 5 hurricane winds reaching 200 mph. The outer islands were leveled as Hurricane Dorian hovered over the islands for 39 hours.

Over the past several weeks Paula White Ministries has been boots on the ground bringing in relief supplies and hundreds of thousands of hot meals into Grand Bahamas. With Phase One Immediate Relief winding down, Paula White Ministries has launched The Bahamas Church Restoration Project.

The Bahamas Church Restoration Project has three primary initiatives designed to restore the house of God, to restore the Ministers of God and to restore the family of God. Pastor Paula has teamed up with long time friend Bishop Neil Ellis of Nassau and founder of the Global United Fellowship. Bishop Ellis plays an influential role within Bahamian politics, similar to the role Pastor Paula has with President Trump.

Recently Todd Lamphere, PWM’s Pastor of Global Outreach and Bishop Ellis met with Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and shared with him the plan to restore the House of Hope and the pastors homes. Visibly touched by the desire to rebuild churches and help Pastors, Prime Minister Minnis said, “For the past month people have come into my office and told me what they want to do in the Bahamas, but this is the first time anyone has come to me and said they want to take care of the church and the pastors.”

To date, eight churches have been repaired enough to hold services in their buildings.

Pastor Paula believes in the power of partnership and is collaborating with Jentezen Franklin, Dr. Tom Mullins of Christ Fellowship, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, Mission of Hope, Love and Life Foundation and many other ministries seeking to make an impact in the Bahamas.

Paula White Ministries is having a significant impact on the world and it is because of the faithful giving of Paula White partners. Will you help us bring big Hope to the hurting in the Bahamas? Will you give a gift towards the Bahamas Restoration Project so we can restore God’s House and help God’s messenger of Hope?

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