I wanted to send this video of our intercessory prayer on The Day of Atonement as we have begun interceding for YOU and for everyone who sent us a prayer request. We will continue to cry out to God in prayer, both for specific requests sent to us, and also for the promised blessings found in God’s Word of everyone who honored God on The Day of Atonement.


These are not just pieces of papers to us. These are specific people. These are prayer requests on this most holy day, on God’s Day of Atonement. We’re lifting these up before Him. We believe that when we petition our God, our Father, in the name of Jesus, that He doesn’t just hear our prayers, but He answers our prayers.

We know that the book of Joel says that there are many blessings that are released in our obedience to honoring God on the Day of Atonement, to recognize that Jesus has become our Atonement. “Behold the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world.”

We come in agreement for every single one of those prayer requests.

Lord, As I lay my hands on them right now, we just thank You for every household. Father, first and foremost, I ask for salvation if there’s any sons and daughters that do not know You as Lord, any husbands or wives that they would come to know You.

We come against any spiritual blindness right now in the name of Jesus and we send angels at the command of Your Word to their household God, that they would have household salvation. That any blinders, cataracts on their eyes would fall off and God that you would knock on the door of their heart and reveal Yourself as Lord and reveal Yourself as Savior, for the Bible says, “no man can come to Jesus Christ except by the Holy Spirit.” So Holy Spirit right now reveal Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Let there be miracles in the household. We ask you for healing right now. Physical healings, emotional healing, financial healings, family healings, right now. Your Word declares in Isaiah 53, “You were wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace is upon You and by Your stripes were healed.”

Right now, we command cancer to be cursed. We command sugar diabetes, auto-immune system disorders, any broken bones, any organs, any cells, any part of that person’s body that is broken right now– Jesus Christ bore stripes that we would be healed! I speak healing by the Superior Blood of Jesus Christ right now.

I speak peace over every household, anywhere that the enemy has come in, anywhere that the enemy has had an open door to access a family, access a household, we overturn it right now. We break every spirit of strife and division right now. And I declare unity, I declare peace in the name of Jesus.

Any person that’s walking in fear right now- “God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.” I declare that you have the mind of Christ, according to Philippians 2:5! I declare right now that your mind will be renewed by the washing of the word according to Romans 12:1,2.

I thank you God for victory! We declare victory, victory over lawsuits, victory over court cases, victory over demonic attacks, victory over every demonic spirit that is trying to cause confusion. We break it right now in the name of Jesus, and we just thank you for victory. I keep hearing victory, victory victory.

We thank you for a double portion God, that you said the latter rain and the form of rain would come together God, and we thank you that even the harvest would overtake the seed Father God, and that you would do supernatural miracles.

Father, we thank you for financial blessing. You said in Matthew 6:33, “if we seek You, that if we would put You first and seek You and Your righteousness, that all these things would be added unto us.” You said in Philippians 4:19, “You Lord, would supply all of our needs according to Your riches and glory.” You said in Deuteronomy 18, “You, Lord, have given us power to get wealth.”

God, You said that You take pleasure in the prosperity of Your servant according to Psalm 35. You said that You would add on to us riches with no sorrow God. You said in Luke 6:38 that “we should give and it would be given unto us, pressed down, shaken together and running over.”

So we just thank you right now for blessing, wave after wave, the abundance of God. We declare Deuteronomy 28, and we will be blessed.

I love you so much, we will continue to lift up your name in prayer!

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Simon kamau

Praise God ..
Need a change in my career.. kindly pray

Barbara Troyer

Praying for healing in my body.
Praying for the Lord to intercede in the life of my 40 year old daughter & set her free from addiction. She has stolen so much from me.
Please Lord! I can’t see my future. I’m so confused which way to turn. I’ve been used & abused. When will I see victory?




I prayed for you it’s a little late but, I know nothing is to late with God. God bless you

Dimitr Stoianov

I need a breakthroughs in every areas of my life and turnarounds

Patricia Belton

Requesting prayer for God to send me a spirit filled husband to grow with me and my grandsons.

Dianna Chenevert

And Thank you Lord for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, direction, favor, profession, more than enough financial provision to accomplish what you’ve got me & Paula White Ministries to do & to be a tremendous blessing to others especially the body of Christ, my/our families & to reach the lost. Thank you Lord for the Salvation of everyone in my family, everyone I’ve ever met, come in contact with or known, touch their hearts & let them come to know you &/or walk closer with you in the holy name of Jesus Christ our Lord & savior! Thank you Lord for Pastors Paula, her husband Jonathan, Brad Knight & their family, their church, pastors, staff & volunteers. Bless them and meet their needs abundantly in Jesus name. ~ I Love you all! Dianna Chenevert (A Resting Place Retreat Center/ Emerald Coast Film Festival US / A search For Truth)

Renee Hubbard

Paula, I stand in need of Many prayers 🙏Sickness and has hit my family over and over again 😩 and so much I have been praying but I need strong prayers From you and praying Warriors thank You Pastor Paula God Bless You 🙏😇✝️🙏


Thank you for standing in agreement with me for the restoration of my relationship with Joey T! 🙏🏻

LAWRENCE Simonelli

Standing with you and Believing

Katherine Kellen

Thank you. Love and blessings in Our Lord Jesus!! Thank you for standing with me!!

Dimitr Stoianov

I need a breakthrough and guick turnarounds in every areas of my life and 7 fold return of everything the devil has stolen from me

Lora James

Ok please pray for me and LJ for our marriage to prosper. Thank you and God bless 🙂


Please pray for my Dads health.

Jesse Rodriguez

Thank you God & Team of warriors in agreement in Jesus name amen !!!

Trish Robinson

Thanks Pastor Paula, and to all the ministers at your ministry…I’m trusting God and believing for supernatural healing, deliverance, set free from all generational curses and financial freedom! It’s my season for me and my daughter Ashley!

bobby busby

Prayer Request- I have two military job applications put in for a couple positions. Aside from praying that God blesses me with the right job, pray that pastors begin calling me from those areas as well.

Ruth Okam

I pray for a miracle over my permanent permit and my husband’s in the U.K. our wedding anniversary is coming up October 19th and we are trusting God for children also. I pray for my dad in Nigeria in a wheel chair for God’s healing. We pray for God’s intervention.

Brenda Pustam

Please pray for my youngest so to be drug free and his mental health and for family and friends in Jesus name

Christine Collier

Please prsy that my husband and I can respect the fact that our lives are not to be shared with friends especially if it’s personal business. I’m annoyed that he’s sharing my relapses with a friend of his to make himself look.like he has it so bad – also he’s text him a pic of his many medications I’m on and the amount isn’t even correct because my doctors on the process of switching them so he text all the containers to him making it look.like I’m on a list of them and under the pic he text sad. We hardly get along anymore but this isn’t what should be going on. Thank you!! I love Paula!!!

Rita Sanchez

Thank you for your messages. I do need prayer, my daughter, Rochelle is having biopsy following an annual mammogram, she’s 48 and has battled thyroid cancer some 10 years, and other tumors; my youngest daughter, Melissa, age 40, is going in next week for a scan to figure why her heart stops beating. She started tests in Denver, no answers, moved to out of Phoenix and now doing further tests. She’s a runner and has refused to stop running. She also along with my oldest, Michele, age 50, need to return to Our Lord. Haven’t stopped praying for them. Myself, a neighbor lRuby” with mental issues now senility that’s caused disturbance next door. If not in my bedroom, no peace.

Sandee Jo Crocker

For my son. He is married and expecting a baby and has recently told the family he no longer wants to be married. Pls pray. I know it’s satan, as my son is not like this. Something dark has gripped him. Please help me pray!!


Please pray that the spirit of depression lifts off of me and my husband. I am praying for restoration in every area of my life.

Susan White

Please Pray for my friends son who is on life support from drug addiction. Please pray that he pulls through and becomes a light for others struggling with addiction. Thank you!! Much love to you Paula and Prayer team.

Rhonda L Martin

God is using you today!! GOD BLESS YOU, Ty for this prayer over all of Gods people, I touch and agree in the HOLY NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, AMEN🥰

Stacey Sistrunk

Praying for a financial breakthrough blessing


I thank you Jesus I receive in Jesus name Lord I trust you I know you will answer my prayers shauèn’s bail applications will be approved in Jesus Christ name I speak life to it amen

Yvette Perez

Please pray for my children especially my girls that God will deliver them from every demonic force that’s coming against them in Jesus name

Yvette Perez

Thank you for your prayers

Ronda West

Total restoration of family serving God!! Let me be the change Lord!

Heather Patrick

Pray for my husband driving away to training at a new job ,for a month but we are praying the warehouse opens earlier so he can come home sooner! Prayers for our finances and safety and wisdom in all things! In Jesus Name! Amen ❤️


Thank you so much . I am so blessed to have landed a good job as contractor in North VA after moving away from family last year however I’m extremely lonely and praying for job in Florida to be near family again . I’m single and it’s tough outside of dc areas

Angie Mohler

I’m asking for Prayers for me. Need to be strong, strength, and peace mind what im going through. Amen 🙌 🙏


Pray for my son 16 years old son Samuel Jathanna to be delivered and healed of Autism, epilepsy and adhd. He should become normal be if sound mind and be filled with the Holy Spirit gifts and fruits and be used by the Lord for his GLORY. In Jesus name amen

Karen OKeeffe

Please pray for me to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. I’m an emergency room nurse and I’m in the front line praying for my patients. I want the Holly spirit to use me so people can know Jesus Christ and also be healed in his name.


Daughter is in the hospital. Praying for healing

Kathy Collins

Please pray for my husband & I to receive from heaven new shoulders in Jesus Name. Pray for a prosperous retirement and Devine health from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet in Jesus Name. Amen

Unati Dwabayo

Thank you Lord for answered prayers🙏.

Donald Makua

Please pray for me & my family. My church. My heart & my soul because I really feel like I screwed & messed everything up with my church by saying negative & bad things about them because I always feel like they would always try to judge me so I said some mean things about them to them. 😞😞😞😞 🙏🏽

Rita Sanchez

PRAISE R e p o r t: my 48 yr old daughters biopsy report just came in, “BENIGN”. PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!!!! Thank you for praying with me.

Monica Hopkins

Praying for finicial blessings, home and starting my own business.

Dale Boxill

My prayer request is please pray for me to hear from the holy spirit and for me to pray in the spirit for me to continue to serve God and to do God’s will also pray for God to give me his wisdom knowledge and discernment and for direction also for salvation for my family and unsaved love ones in Jesus Chris name amen

Dale Boxill

Amen thank you God for everything in Jesus name amen hallelujah

Vicki Brown

Amen amen Amen

Chaunte McNair

Praying for financial stability, reliable transportation, stronger relationship with God, and good health for family friends around the world in Jesus name we pray. Amen 🙏🏾

P.S. continued prayer for your family and ministry. Thanks for interceding on everyone’s behalf. God bless🥰

Emem umoh

God gring my miracle (job) to get into my hand this october,2020 and my relationship/marriage to be a sucessful married one in jesus mighty name-amen

Emmanuel Boateng

Pray for Our young established ministry Solution Arena Ministry.

For God Himself to sponsor it.

Brenda miller

Pray for my marriage and our financial retirement and old debts are paid soon amen and pray for our buiness to boom amen


Please or for my son to meet his perfect chosen mate!


Thank you Pastor Paula ❤️

Rennette Isaac

Praying for my son for God to cover him with His blood, keep him safe from all hurt harm and danger. Someone ha stabbed him already. Asking for God to give him favor. Praying for my family the Isaac, Bennett and Davis that God will bless us spiritually physically and financially and most for salvation for us all.

Donaria mbambara

Pray for me I want my gratuity bro be released in Jesus mighty name

Sarah Nanfuka

Pray for me to receive miracle money tomorrow so that I can pay the loan debts I have in the name of Jesus Christ

Sharon Johnston

I recieve that prayer for my life today in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen and Amen. And Lord I thank you for Pastor Paul. Lord I stand in agreement with her PRAYERS for everyone that has a need and some of our wants cause you Father God delight in giving your children good gifts in Jesus Christ name Amen and Amen 🙏🏻🔥👑

Jose Martinez

To GOD be the GLORY!!

Juliana Antwi

Thank you so much for standing in prayers for me. God bless you all🙏