On Memorial Day Weekend the United States Border Patrol turned 100 years old and Paula White Ministries was there to honor them in El Paso, Texas. The border patrol is comprised of approximately 20,000 agents stationed across the country.


The men and women who protect our borders have a special place in Pastor Paula’s heart. “The brave border patrol agents risk their lives on a daily basis so that we can enjoy safety and freedom,” said Pastor Paula. “They serve us faithfully and handle migrants crossing the border illegally with compassion and professionalism. Sadly they are often demonized and vilified for simply doing their job.”

In 2019 Pastor Paula and PWM Global Outreach Pastor Todd Lamphere launched Operation Border Blessing (OBB) as a way to address the needs at the border and to let the  border agents and their families know that their sacrifice is deeply appreciated. “One of the ways we express our gratitude is through the OBB Appreciation Tour,” said Lamphere.

At the El Paso Border Patrol Centennial Celebration the Appreciation Tour was in full swing where hundreds and hundreds of border patrol agents and their families enjoy an afternoon of fun, laughter and gratitude. Hosted on the campus of Hillcrest Baptist Church, children played in the inflatable water park and took their turn trying to stay on the mechanical bull while parents enjoyed each other’s company around an all you can eat BBQ picnic. Teaming up with WorldVision, CityServe, The National Faith Advisory Board and Revival Today Church over $300,000 in giveaways were handed out to the agent’s families. Retired head of Border Patrol Chief Ron Vitiello was at the event and commented, “This is exactly what the agents and their families needed. The last few years have been very hard on the families and to show them this type of appreciation helps them realize they are not alone.”

Pray for the overworked agents as they have apprehended over 9 million migrants who have crossed over illegally in the last three years. Pray daily for their safety and the wellbeing of their families.



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