Dr. Phil recruits Pastor Paula to investigate a couple in crisis

Dr. Phil sends international Christian evangelist and author Pastor Paula White-Cain, who counsels couples in crisis, to Carmen and Dennis’ home…

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  • shantelle monlyn says:

    I’d love too meet pastor paula white cane she’s so moving ..encouraging..determined..ordained..AND wise I’d LOVE TO sit down with her 1 on 1 because i was abused as a young child by 3 family members and when they come around it seems as if im a child all over again im tired of feeling this way. And to make matters worse im disabled and homeless i have alot on my plate but i can’t give up because i believe in my LORD AND savior and i have an 8 year old SON i have to raise please continue to PRAY FOR ME AND WITH ME.THANKS AMEN SHANTELLE MONLYN

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