The food has arrived, below is a special thank you video to Paula White Ministries from a Ukrainian Bishop for your faithful support, making a difference… transforming lives, healing hearts and winning souls!

Not only will the food YOU helped provide be distributed to refugees in Poland and Romania, but now we are able to get it directly into Ukraine!



We were able to come together and “do the impossible!” Because our God is an awesome God!

AND WE (THE CHURCH BODY) DID THIS TOGETHER! On Saturday, at 6:10pm ET, it was announced that the 1,850 incredible volunteers who came out to pack meals for Ukrainian refugees had surpassed the one million meals goal IN JUST 24 HOURS!

We saw more than 1,850 volunteers pack ONE MILLION MEALS in 24 hours… you did this, you were the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. And when hungry Ukrainian refugees get this hot food and say, “look what the Lord has done,” it is because of you! Thank you!!

Watch Here:

Check out when we hit 1 million meals packed at 6:10 p.m. ET Saturday

Watch Here:


My heart has been heavy and burdened over what we’re all watching take place in our world today. Our dear friends in the Ukraine, people that I have ministered with, preached at churches with, not even know their whereabouts has been almost tormenting. So we have started a strategic alliance with great partners mentioned below. We’re working through the churches in Poland and Romania, and we had people on the ground quickly.

I remember years ago when my church was handing out food and clothes, this little girl was given a dress. She was so happy to be handed this piece of clothing, she danced and danced and smiled in the parking lot. As she was spinning she ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug…

I tear up every time I remember this precious little girl.

She looked in her parents eyes and said, “look what Jesus gave me!” Look what Jesus gave her…

I imagine some Ukrainian refugee child over in Poland or Romania, who barely escaped the terror that is happening right now, will be sitting there with their parents, and they will be handed this hot meal that so many people sacrificed to provide, and say, “mama look what Jesus gave me!”

The people of Ukraine need your help right now!

Paula White Ministries and CityServe International, along with City of Destiny Church, has partnered with MercyChefs, Intercessors For American & Intercessors for Ukraine, and Revival Missions International to begin distributing millions of meals to the hurting and hungry Ukrainian refugees that have fled to Poland and Romania in the face of the incredible crisis and devastation happening RIGHT NOW. And we met our initial goal in 24 hours- but it doesn’t stop there– not even close… there is much more to be done for the Ukrainian people fleeing war with their families!

There are countless people desperately in need of help, and nourishment, literally standing in lines to try to get any food they can and keep their families alive, and the number is growing fast every day. Additionally, our partnering ministries will be assisting with the spiritual and emotional needs of the refugees and providing housing as available.

They need you now.

Can you help them with me?

We met our first goal of getting and packaging an initial distribution of 1 MILLION MEALS to go to Poland and Romania for the Ukrainian refugees to get food and relief to them as fast as possible, but we need everyone who has a heart to make a difference and change lives to give whatever they can- because the need is great!

Help immediately and give a ministry gift to feed Ukrainian refugees and provide relief to those in crisis.

Your gift supports:

  • Food Aid
  • Refugee Disaster Relief
  • A strengthening of the Ukrainian faith community

Click this link here to give right now:

Text “PWM” to 45777 and follow the instructions. Select “Ukraine Crisis Relief” from the text to give drop down menu)

• Or call 1-800-PAULA-17 and tell my operator you want to help Paula White Ministries provide food to Ukraine. 


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