“Woman, why weepest thou?” John 20:13

What has made you cry until your tears become a continuous fountain? Have you ever had someone embarrass you publicly, and they enjoyed it? What about when you look at your check and you have been cheated out of your bonus. Ever been laid off? What was your reaction when someone hit your car in the parking lot with a grocery cart and did not leave you a note on how to find them? It does not take much to break your heart when someone has attacked you, violated you or let you down.

Mary was heartbroken that early Sunday morning. She wept with deep sorrow because she did not know what was happening. She was confused, Her Savior, her friend, her Deliverer, her Lord was gone and she did not know where He was. What was precious to her was taken away. She lost the most important person in her life. Now life was worthless and hopeless without Him. She had lost any hope for a future.Her dream was dead and her promise was broken. And now she did not know how to get it back. Something that God had given her was now misplaced.

Jesus was hiding in the bushes and watching this whole episode before His eyes. He watched Peter and John run to the tomb. he saw the angels appear and give their resurrection message of hope, but Mary did not receive it. She was crushed beyond repair for any man to restore her heart. Jesus was standing right in front of her, and she had mistaken Him for the gardener. Mary was about to find her miracle in the midst of her mess. Jesus stepped forward and revealed Himself by calling her by her name, “Mary.”

Just when you think it is the darkest day, Jesus is hiding in the bushes ready to appear and reveal Himself. I do not know what you may be going through today, but know this: you are going through. When you think you have lost your mind, Jesus is ready to appear. When you thought you could never show yourself again, Jesus is ready to appear.

“Turn around and recognize your answer is right in front of you.”

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