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Stewardship Package - Broadcast Offer

Stewardship: Managing For Increase

Stewardship: Managing For Increase

When you give your very best gift offering, we will rush to you Paula White’s CD teaching on Stewardship. This teaching will show you the responsibilities, as well as the rewards of being good stewards of all that God has entrusted you with.

The Stewardship Package

The Stewardship Package

When you give your very best gift offering of $54 or more today, we will send you our Stewardship Package which includes Paula’s 4-DVD series entitled “The Principle of Stewardship: Managing Time, Abilities, & Resources”, and we’re also including an awesome study guide that will help you to learn all that God says about being good stewards. Get this dynamic package today!!

Mantles: Impartation & Destiny Offer

Mantles: Impartation & Destiny

Give your very best 'Mantles' offering of any amount, and receive Paula White’s 2 CD teaching series ‘Mantles: Impartation & Destiny”. 2 Kings 2:14 describes how Elisha received the mantle from Elijah. You should know that you too can receive your mantle.

'Mantles: Impartation & Destiny' is a must have teaching to add to your library. Don't miss this opportunity...Get this limited time offer today!

Passover Packages - Broadcast Offer

Passover Teaching


When you give your very Best Passover Offering unto the Lord, we will rush to you a powerful teaching on “Passover” to further enlighten you on the significance of this holy time and the power of the blood of our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.

Passover 2015 Package + Bonus

When you give a significant Passover Offering of $100 or more, not only will we rush to you Paula White’s Passover message and the Holy Mezuzah, but we will also send you a beautiful PAIR of Olive-Wood Communion Cups - made from a Christian family in Israel, to partake of the holy act of communion!

Passover 2015 Package

Passover 2014 Package

When you give a Passover Offering of $50 or more, we will bless your house with a Passover Package also including a very special ornate, vintage Mezuzah to post and dedicate your home - devoted and set apart for God! This is a very special symbol of God’s blessing, protection, and a dedication of your “sanctuary” to Him!

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Paula White is the senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center. NDCC is a non-denominational, spirit-led church located in Apopka, Florida preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. New Destiny Christian Center offers weekly services, discipleship classes, children's church, community outreaches, and events. Come visit us in person at 505 E McCormick Rd, or watch services streaming live hosted by Paula White.

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