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Gratitude and Faith - Broadcast Offer

Gratitude & Faith Package

Send your Gratitude seed of $50 or more today and receive Paula White’s 2-CD series, “Gratitude & Faith”, her powerful CD set “Faith That Sustains”, and as an added bonus you’ll also receive her revised book, “10 Words That Will Improve Your Life” (formerly know as “The Butterfly Effect”).

Gratitude & Faith

Gratitude & Faith

For your Gratitude seed of ANY SIZE we will rush to you Paula White’s 2-CD teaching series, “Gratitude & Faith”. Get this dynamic resource and learn how you can practice having an attitude of gratitude in your life.

Vision: Getting Back Into Position

Getting Back Into Position

Sow a seed of $114 for John 1:14 in faith right now! It is an act of faith and dedication to stand planted in obedience for 2015: The Year of Grace and Favor. When you do, we will send you a 2-CD set from Paula White. Two messages that will help you in this specific time and you can share to help those you love!

This message is a must have teaching to add to your library. Don't miss this opportunity...Get this limited time offer today!

Mantles: Impartation & Destiny Offer

Mantles: Impartation & Destiny

Give your very best 'Mantles' offering of $14 or more based on 2 Kings 2:14, and receive Paula White’s 2 CD teaching series ‘Mantles: Impartation & Destiny”. That scripture describes how Elisha received the mantle from Elijah. You should know that you too can receive your mantle.

'Mantles: Impartation & Destiny' is a must have teaching to add to your library. Don't miss this opportunity...Get this limited time offer today!

Ungodly Soul Ties - Broadcast Offer

Ungodly Soul Ties Offer

Give your very best RESTORATION SEED of $71 or more based on Psalm 71, and receive Paula White’s 3 CD teaching series ‘Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties”. You can be “saved”, yet still bound in the snares of this world. Learn how you can raise those spiritually dead places in your life back to their rightful place.

As a bonus, when you sow your restoration seed we will also send you a collection of Prayer Declarations that will introduce a whole new level of power in your life.

Get this limited time offer today!

Financial Harvest Package - Broadcast Offer

Financial Harvest Package

For your ministry gift of $30 or more you will receive our awesome ‘Financial Harvest Package’ which includes:

  • Mike Murdock’s book “31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest”
  • Paula White’s 3-CD Teaching Series “You Can Have It All”
  • Paula White’s Teaching CD “Why God Wants You Wealthy”

Get this limited time offer today!

Generational Blessings Package - Broadcast Offer

Generational Blessings Package

For Your GENERATIONAL SEED of $53 or more you receive Paula's Single CD "Releasing Generational Blessing, Breaking Generational Curses", her 2 DVD series "The Price Has Been Paid: Reaping Generational Blessing", and the book “Deliverance Through The Blood” by Pastor Edward Boateng.

Breaking Generational Curses

Gratitude & Faith

"In this CD single by Paula White, you will learn how to break generational curses over your bloodline and activate generational blessings in their place.

Effective Prayer Package

Effective Prayer Package

Give your very best offer of $25 or more today and learn how to elevate your prayer life into realms you’ve never experienced. When you do, you will receive this effective prayer package that includes:

  • “Prayer: Effective Communication with God” – A CD message from Paula White
  • “Prayer Declarations” – a booklet of prayer declarations by Paula White
  • “Praying to Change Your Life” – a book by Suzette Caldwell

Get this limited time offer today!

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Paula White is the senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center. NDCC is a non-denominational, spirit-led church located in Apopka, Florida preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. New Destiny Christian Center offers weekly services, discipleship classes, children's church, community outreaches, and events. Come visit us in person at 505 E McCormick Rd, or watch services streaming live hosted by Paula White.

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