“I prophesy that God is about to do a “Suddenly” in your life!”

What do you mean by that Paula? Let me tell you how this came to be… The Lord woke me up and He began to speak to me. It hit my spirit. I popped right up out of the bed. And God said, “I’m giving you a suddenly.”

I started getting in the Word, studying and digging. I said, “Well, what is “suddenly” and what is God saying?” and I believe that this is for you right now!

I believe that God has a suddenly for you. And as I started looking, I went through all different translations, from King James and NIV to ESV. And I started categorizing every “suddenly” found in the Word of God.

One example: The people were in a famine… then “tomorrow, by this time,” (SUDDENLY) God turned it from famine, where they were eating doves dung, and they were eating asses head. And then the next day (SUDDENLY), literally, they had fine flour. And there was a man that mocked and said, “impossible, if God Himself stepped down, this could not be done.” And the Prophet said, “you’ll see it but you will not partake of it.”

I started going through the Word more. I said, “Well God, show me every suddenly in the Word…” and I found that there are 4 categories that God does a suddenly and I believe that God is about to give you a suddenly in these four areas. Prophetically, I believe it all leads up to the last suddenly, and even where we are in the world and as a nation.

  1. God gives a Sudden restoration.
  2. God gives a Sudden defeat over enemies.
  3. God gives a Sudden deliverance.
  4. God gives a Sudden outpouring of His Spirit, or revival.

Let’s look at those because God has a suddenly for you. So we need to understand what does suddenly even mean. It comes from the root word of “contraction”, it means to shorten something. It means “unaware, unexpectedly…”

God declares in Isaiah 48:3, “I foretold you the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known. Then suddenly, I God acted and they came to pass.”

God says, “I foretold you about it, I let them be known. But then I, God, suddenly acted!” I declare that God is getting ready to suddenly act in your family, in your finances, in your body, in your dream, in your ministry…


Delay does not mean denial. God likes to do things where it looks like it’s one way… but SUDDENLY, He changes everything around. And I feel deep in my spirit that God has a suddenly that He’s getting ready to release to you. It means instantly, from the root meaning “to open the eyes”, in a wink, as in a moment and instant, quickly, unexpectedly, what have you been believing God for? What have you waited for? What have you pressed through for? What have you been fighting for? What have you been praying for? …pushing away that plate and fasting for?

I came to declare to you- that God is sending you, God is sending your family, God is sending your household, God is sending this nation, a suddenly in the name of Jesus!! I feel like God has an anointing on me that is very strong, prophetic, and when I say that- to prophesy doesn’t mean to foretell… It means to tell forth, it shifts some things. Something’s getting ready to shift in you, to shift in your life, to shift in your ministry, to shift in this nation.



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