I have a powerful revelation I want to share in just a moment from 1st Kings Chapter 17 how a little widow woman and her son were on the brink…and then God provided a miracle of sustainment for them…and the prophet Elijah. But first… Whatever you're doing, stop. I wanted to remind you that I pray for you daily, and I need you to have eyes to see and an ear to hear this...Watch this prophetic video with Dr. Munsey.

He’s calling you and prophetically I feel in my heart, that there's something that you've
been praying about. There's something you've been asking God about. And the key is in your activation, that God is going to answer that prayer. And God is going to give you a miracle, and God is going to sustain you.

I want to talk to you about divine connection for a few moments. When you make a divine connection, there are 3 miracles that God is going to release in your life. But you have to have ears to hear. I will not jeopardize the anointing on my life but I feel that this is a word from God for you. Watch this video!

When the Lord wants to reward you, He gives you a divine instruction. And out of the obedience of that divine instruction comes that divine reward. So the first thing is that you have to have the ability to recognize. People must recognize when God is sending a prophetic word! To prophesy is not just to foretell, but to tell forth, it means something has shifted. And now you are coming in alignment. So when God sends a prophetic word, when God sends a divine instruction, He does so through a person that He sends to you a divine connection to bring your deliverance!

God is about to shift things around for you. I don't know what your situation or circumstance is like. It might be a lack, but God is about to take you over to the top. There is going to be sustainability.  We hear that word alot but today is a prophetic word for you. I mean by the Spirit of God, I want you to hear, to pay attention because there is a word of the Lord coming to you right now. Whatever you are doing stop and watch this video. If you miss this, you will miss your moment. You are about to shift from one season to another season. Whatever you have gone through it doesn't matter. Is there anything too difficult for God?

I went into prayer with the Lord and He showed me that this summer is significant for you. God said with authority: He is about to turn things around for you, not just for this moment but for you to have sustainability. DO NOT allow this messgage to go unread, or I believe you will be missing a moment of Divine Revelation and opportunity. This is KINGDOM WORK, DEEP CALLING UNTO DEEP.

I have a powerful revelation I want to share in just a moment from 1st Kings Chapter 17 how a little widow woman and her son were on the brink…and then God provided a miracle of sustainment for them…as well as the prophet Elijah. But first… Whatever you're doing, stop. I want to remind you that I pray for you daily, and RIGHT NOW I need you to have eyes to see and an ear to hear this… If you miss this you will miss your moment because God's word, a divine prophecy, doesn't just mean to foretell, but it means to tell forth. Whatever you've gone through, it doesn't matter. Is there anything too difficult for God?

I want to assure you that I have begun prophetic intercessory work on your behalf to ensure that nothing is held up, delayed, or hindered. And during this prophetic season I am expecting something so supernatural will take place that it will literally shift your life in a very positive way, and at the same time I am believing for a supernatural sustainment for our worldwide ministry …because we have entered the always difficult summer months, I want to share a miraculous story in your Bible of God’s supernatural sustainment…

IF you have ears to hear and connect to this prophetic moment. ACTIVATION IS KEY!

God sent me to tell you in a short period of time- there are 3 things He will do with your obedience.
One, you've been praying for something, desperately praying to Him saying, “God, oh God… I need this prayer to be answered.”
Two, something is going to happen for your child or a loved one. It’s going to happen to your bloodline. It's going to happen to your grandson, granddaughter. Someone you care for. And Three, you have run out financially in some way. In other words, I see a financial difficulty, a budget, opportunity, “How can I adjust? How can I get more? Will God help me financially?”

God showed me, three things are about to happen because of the anointing on my ministry. I am to pray for you specifically when I get your response and see your name. I'm here to tell you that the anointing of God is in this email. I believe what I'm about to tell you will change your life.

When you are obedient, Three things will happen:
1. A miracle is going to happen. Prayers are going to be answered.
2. Something good is going to happen to your bloodline, your children, your family, a loved one.
3. God is about to send a financial miracle like you have never experienced.

Now, let me tell you what I mean. When you go to 1 Kings, (remember God is the same yesterday, today, and forever…) there is a prophet, and today there is a prophetic utterance through this message. God sends Elijah, and Elijah gives a word. He has the power with God to bring attention to the world that God is still in control so the prophet speaks and shuts off the rains, he tells God and God says I'll listen to you, (“Paula. I will listen to you woman of God.”) And the Bible says God responds to the prayer of Elijah, and he shuts off the waters, the rains, and famine strikes the Middle East and animals die, vegetation dies, trees die and now, nobody has a job, starvation has set in, but this man of God, God says I’ve got to hide you because nothing's going to happen until you speak to me to let it rain again.

God is positioning both Elijah and the hearer of his words for a miracle of sustainment! GET READY!! Right now, the Holy Spirit is saying there's somebody reading Paula’s message, there’s someone watching Paula online, on television, the anointing that I have placed upon Paula and this ministry, God said, “Paula, I'm going to force you into a position to go on television, preach online, to be in a pulpit, to lead people. I am going to prepare someone to watch you, listen to you, TO READ THIS MESSAGE, and they're going to sustain you.”

The Bible says during this famine that the prophet asked God where his next meal would come from… and God said, I have prepared someone in a certain city to sustain you. To give to you, to keep you going. -PLEASE HEAR THIS PROPHETIC WORD FOR YOU!

The woman in 1 Kings 17 said, “I can not feed you sir, sir my son and I… We’re going to eat our last meal, and we're going to die,” and then Elijah the prophet said something to her. Now listen, this is what's going to change the rest of your life- the Spirit of the Lord is saying if you sustain this ministry, I will turn around and do three miracles for you. The prophet said, “ma'am, feed me first.” It sounded rude. It sounded harsh, but God is looking for sustainers.

If a person sustains an anointed ministry it moves God to do the impossible in your life. The woman said, “I don’t know if I can do that,” and he said, “Fear not.” In the name of Jesus something is saying to me to tell you, “fear not,” and the Bible says she went and she cooked her last meal and gave it to the prophet. Her boy is probably sitting there saying, momma, what are you doing? Momma, you said it was our last, why are you giving it? Baby, I don't know, but something tells me to sustain this anointing. You read later, she was a little reluctant. She was questionable about the situation. I am to tell you, “do not fear!”

Three things are getting ready to happen to you. Miracles are getting ready to happen. Illness is getting ready to be healed, supernatural things because today this word is a unique word because God has called you to read this and He is saying “Paula, they're going to sustain you because I am getting ready to bless them,” then as the woman fixed the meal for the man of God. The Bible said the man of God told her your meal barrel and cruse of oil will be filled! You will see it will be full. The Bible said the minute she sustained that prophet, her meal barrel and cruse of oil was filled… supernatural provision in a time of famine!  

There is a sacrifice that must be called upon for this to be activated in your life. It is The Offering of Sustainment. It is a sacrifice of the flesh. God is getting ready to change everything in the next 24 hours. You are prophetically assigned to sustain this ministry to be a voice.

There are 3 levels of giving that the Lord has directed… God knows your level of sacrifice. YOUR ACT OF FAITH IN OBEDIENCE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN RELEASE YOUR MIRACLE!

1. $3,000 

There is someone reading this that needs a miracle in their business. God is speaking to you NOW to sow into this offering of sustainment. Someone is in need of a miracle. This offering is to remind God you were willing to act on His word. 

Sow Your $3000 Offering of Sustainment Now

2. $300

This is a sovereign Offering of Sustainment. This is the person sensing they HAVE to sustain the anointing. Everything is going to change with this seed.

Sow Your $300 Offering of Sustainment Now

3. $70

“...threescore and ten bullocks...”- 2 Chronicles 29:32 - This offering is if you are limited from giving the above. If so, and this is a sacrifice, then I declare that this Offering of Sustainment will change your situation.

Sow Your $70 Offering of Sustainment Now

I am to decree this NOW over you and declare YOU A SUSTAINER-

"There is someone that has an ear to hear and an eye to see and as you go and obey the voice of God and give an offering of sustainment right now, not only is He going to cause this ministry to be sustained, but God is protecting you from a trap that the enemy has set up for you. Every demonic network is going to be scattered. And God is going to sustain you when other people around you are falling. When they can't make it through. They don't have an opportunity. God's gonna open the floodgates of Heaven, and He's gonna bring supply to you. And not only was her barrel filled, but the Bible said so was her oil. There's gonna be a fresh anointing that is released upon you right now. An anointing that destroys every yoke. An anointing that breaks every bondage. An anointing that takes off all limitations. An anointing that stops the hand of the enemy. Every covenant with death, hell, and the grave over you, your household, your children is being broken right now as you get up and sow that seed, and you say, yes, God has spoken to me. The Holy Spirit has activated this prophetic word and is saying get up and give an Offering of Sustainment.

Your obedience is about to overturn what the enemy has set up to take you out. Not only are you not going to go out, not only is your lineage not going to go out, not only is God going to sustain you, but here's what's gonna ultimately happen- One person's obedience is gonna turn around an entire situation eventually for a whole nation… Yes, it's going to benefit you personally. Like this story in your Bible of Elijah and the widow woman, the power of God is getting ready to do something so supernatural because you are a sustainer!! God's gonna say I remember what you did. I remember you standing in the gap. Every demonic network that is aligned against you is about to be broken right now. Every natural law of destruction that has any access to you is about to be overturned right now. And God is about to supernaturally fill your meal barrel and also fill your life with oil. There's a fresh anointing. There's fresh supply coming to you. There's new opportunities, when you come in agreement with the prophetic word, and God’s shifting you into a new season. He's shifting you into a position that God says I have prepared for you, and I am giving you this opportunity at this moment. YOU ARE A SUSTAINER.”

WHAT YOU OFFER MUST BE SACRIFICIAL. YOU MUST FEEL IT LEAVE YOU. THE WIDOW WOMAN DID. This is the prophetic demand. This is to initiate any or all of the 3 Miracles in your life. I have no problem making these demands because if you have an ear to hear and the will to act by faith, GOD IS READY TO RESPOND TO YOUR OBEDIENCE TO THIS WORD. The heavens will move as you move. My heart is full of joy at the abundant blessing your obedience is going to bring you…as you sustain the work of God around the world through this ministry. May God richly bless you as you do.

-Love your servant,

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