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Hurricane Prayer Points

1. Oh Lord, Cancel and abort every demonic time table and Evil agenda concerning this storm. We terminate the assignment and block all satanic set ups, strategies, and intentions.

2. Oh Lord Your word declares that you still the raging of the seas. By that word, let all strange voices behind the storm, be canceled. Terminate every demonic summons and invocation and hereby render those summons, decrees, and judgments null and void.  

3. Let the blood of Jesus speak for this nation, the nations of our world, and the body of Christ. preserve us from all destruction from Hurricane Irma.

4. Oh Lord, We engage the sword of the Lord to destroy every demonic altar and sacrifice that has empowered Hurricane Irma by the blood of Jesus.

5. Oh Lord by your mercies spare this nation and shift this storm so that it does no harm to the righteous. Commit your rebuke to this storm in the mighty name of Jesus.

6. Give ear, Oh Lord, to our prayer; listen to our plea for grace for the people and families impacted by these storms. Release your bowels of mercy and compassion. Be their strength, comfort, and peace in this time of need. Let the waste places in their lives and communities be rebuilt in the name of Jesus.

7. Oh Lord, your name is a strong tower. You said that the righteous run unto you and are safe. Hide us from the destruction that comes at noon day, the terror that comes by night and the arrow that flies by day. Preserve us from all calamity, crisis, and turmoil. Protect us, our families, homes, and belongings. Avert all disaster for your church our community and the nations in the path of this storm. In the name of Jesus.

8. Oh Lord, let this nation come together as one serving each other in love. Let your love saturate our homes, our families and heal our land. Break every barrier erected by wrath, dissension, and malice. Unify us in the midst of this storm for your name’s sake. In the name of Jesus. Amen.