Prayer Confessions

Prayer Confessions – 2nd Edition


This powerful prayer book that will help catapult your life to the next level!

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From Best Selling Author and Pastor Paula White comes the 2nd Edition of this powerful prayer book that will help catapult your life to the next level! Learn how to fight a winning battle in spiritual warfare, and live a victorious life. Over 60 topics of prayers! 136 pages of life-changing, atmosphere shifting prayers by Pastor Paula White A MUST for every Christian in this day and age!   Soft cover: 136  pages Publisher: Paula White Ministries Second Edition (2015) Language: English ISBN: #978-0-9861339-0-9  Product Dimensions: 6 x 8 inches


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    Good advices

  2. :

    pray for me to pay debts and tution graduation is march next year i need a financial miracle

  3. :

    Hi Paula, can u plz pray for, I mid God to talk to me, and tell what to with my situation,and for God s’ mercy apoun me, Thnku

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    Hie can you please pray for me,for a good life its now long tym praying for an increase in my salary,bt l know that God is timing so pliz pray with me

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    I need prayer I need a home for my family cause without gods help my children and I can become homeless please pray for us

  6. :

    Hie can u pray wth me its being long tym struggling,bcoz of rejected in love lyf always,nothing iz going well I’m my love luv lyf,wth God l know evrythng is possible pliz pray for me to hve dat faith.Thank u God bless

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    hello… am a 18 year old college student in South Africa…I do have an idea of what I wanna be in life…but I just don’t have that spiritual strength…I’m always smiling but deep inside…am broken… plz pray for me to be well within my soul and heal my heart…I pray that this reaches you…thank you… 🙂

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