Fasting For Breakthrough – 2-CD

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This powerful teaching by Paula White on fasting and the presence of God will show you the reason for fasting. Get this 2-CD series today and understand the power that is released by fasting.

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Fasting For Your Breakthrough: The Purpose and Power of Fasting Fasting a powerful act when combined with prayer and consecration. Yet very few people truly have an understanding of it’s purpose and power. In this 2-CD series Paula White breaks down the types of fasting, what does The Bible say on fasting? , and very practical teaching on it so you can have an understanding of how to do it effectively. Disc 1: Fasting: Seeking God’s Presence Disc 2: Fasting Looses Wickedness “Fasting doesn’t move God – IT MOVES YOU!”

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    This helps me so much when I go on a Fast! It really helps keep me focused on the why, who what and where of my Fast. So in-depth and so good! Thank you Paula!

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