Paula White

Letters From Paula: Presence of God

Your Pursuit of the Presence of God will open Opportunity and Blessing in Your Life!

Dear Friends,

I am so grateful we have this chance to connect and I don’t take the opportunity to communicate with you for granted. Our pursuit of things in life is a blessing or a distraction. What are you pursuing right now? Have you thought about that? God wants us to focus on Him, on His presence… but how do we do that? I believe God is ushering in a new expression of order in the earth and He is about to do a NEW THING in YOUR LIFE! “Behold, I will do a new thing… it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will make a way in the wilderness…” Isaiah 43:19.

How exciting is that! If you have been pursuing God and asking for a supernatural change in your life, there is an UPWARD DRAWING by the Holy Spirit to LIVE out the GREATER LIFE in God! But you must be prepared so that He can release the fullness of His blessings and presence! That means He is the priority and His presence is the reward. God is more than enough! He must know that we pursue Him because HE IS GOD! That is reason enough for us! And when that happens He moves… He will pour out His abundance on us beyond our capacity to contain it, in every area of our life!

How do we prioritize God? How do we pursue His presence?… We pray and consecrate! We fast, to kill our flesh and “hear Him” better… and we give a sacrificial gift, an offering as His Word instructs in obedience! This is how we get in alignment, but you must be prepared to allow God to minister through and in you. And WE REPENT!! We turn from doing it “our way” and we do it “God’s Way!” As God’s chosen, you must at times go through a process of purification in order to prepare you for encountering His Holy Presence. Purification is a prerequisite to entering the presence of the Lord.

Fasting allows us to crucify our flesh, it breaks chains spiritually. Times of fasting and purification are opportunities to discover who and where you really are in relation to God. These are times for introspection, soul-searching, self-evaluation, and self-sacrifice to God.

Right now is the time for serious soul preparation in our pursuit of the manifest presence of God. As with King Hezekiah, to bring true revival and restoration to God’s people there was only one plan, one option- “RETURN TO THE LORD!” This is a month of holy consecration and preparation. Just as the children of Israel throughout the ages. I encourage you to prepare and make a place for His presence in your life that will break EVERY yoke and set you free – spiritually, emotionally, and financially to release His promises and provision.

WE NEED A MOVE OF GOD! YOU NEED GOD in your family, in your life, in your finances, in your heart!! We need God in our nation more than ever!

Your friend,

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P.S.- God has a prepared place for people who are pursuing Him! Let’s get ready for a divine intervention and visitation of His Presence! WE NEED A MOVE OF GOD! YOU NEED GOD in your family, in your life, in your finances, in your heart! We need God in our nation more than ever!!