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Passover 2014

Passover is April 14th – 22nd: You Have A Divine Appointment To Release Supernatural Blessings!

We are entering one of the most biblically significant events of the year! Passover literally means “protection”, and it comes from the specific instructions given by God to those marked with blood.

Exodus 12:23, “For the LORD will pass through to smite the Egyptians; and when he seeth the blood upon the lintel, and on the two side posts, the LORD will pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite [you].”

He declared in Exodus 12:24: “And you shall observe this as an ordinance… forever.” We must recognize that God’s APPOINTMENT with us is an OPPORTUNITY to HONOR Him for what He has done in our lives- and it will RELEASE great blessings and benefits! This is not a one-time event, God wanted the Israelites to perform the same and observance every year! And this time of the year that is approaching is the season of divine protection and deliverance!

Passover, established by God on the foundation of His blood covenant with mankind, begins in the evening of April 14th, Easter Sunday April 20th , and through the Passover season ending in the evening of April 22nd! This time is an extraordinary opportunity to release supernatural blessings in your life and the lives of your household and loved ones!

It is only through the power of Jesus’ sacrificial blood on the cross that you and your family can receive salvation, healing, protection, deliverance, restoration, and supernatural victory!

This Passover season, through the blood of Christ and your obedience, YOU CAN RELEASE SPECIFIC SUPERNATURAL BLESSINGS for YOUR HOUSEHOLD, FINANCES, and FUTURE! Exodus 23 says, when you honor God during Passover, He will:

  • Assign an angel to you (verse 20).
  • Be an enemy to your enemies (verse 22).
  • Give you prosperity (verse 25).
  • Take sickness away from you (verse 25).
  • Give you a long life (verse 26).
  • Bring increase and inheritance (verse 30).
  • Give a special year of blessing (verse 29).

You can release these blessings by positioning yourself in obeying the two acts of sacrifice God commanded His people that first Passover-

FIRST, the children of Israel were instructed to put the blood of the sacrificial lamb on their doorposts.

SECOND, God commanded HIS CHILDREN to honor Him by bringing a PASSOVER OFFERING to the house of the Lord. In verse 15 of Exodus 23, God declared, “None shall appear before me empty-handed.”

When you give your very best Passover Offering unto the Lord, I will rush to you my brand-new 2-CD Series on “Passover” to further enlighten you on the significance of this holy time and the power of the blood of our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ. When you give a Passover Offering of $50 or more today, I will bless your house with a Passover Package also including a very special ornate, vintage Mezuzah to post and dedicate your home- devoted and set apart for God! And when you give a significant Passover Offering of $75 or more today, not only will I rush to you my new series, the Holy Mezuzah, but I will also send you a beautiful Olive-Wood Communion Cup- made from a Christian family in Israel, to partake of the holy act of communion!

What better time to make a sacrifice for Christ than His Holy Season of Passover. It is ALL ABOUT HIM! Please respond today- Obey the Holy Spirit and honor God with your best Passover Offering as you release the supernatural blessings into your household!

Paula White

P.S. Remember to respond immediately and also click the link below to submit your Passover prayer request, as I lift them up unto God as the Priest and declare the covenant you observe and we watch God send His mighty angels on your behalf! Passover is the evening of April 14th through the 22nd, Don’t Miss Your Moment!

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