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PWM has been on the forfront providing from Mar 16 through Jun 21 -1,722,066 pounds of food distributed through PWM and City of Destiny. 57,144 families served through the PWM and City of Destiny. 228,159 family members served through the PWM and City of Destiny, including the LA Dream Center for the school children of LA. Read more in detail below. 

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President Donald J. Trump listens as White House Spiritual Advisor Paula White-Cain delivers remarks during the White House National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 7, 2020, in the Rose Garden of the White House.

Pastor Paula joned Apostle Guillermo Maldonado for a 24 hour Global Day of Prayer and Repentance for the nations against COVID-19. Reaching 300 million homes in 111 countries, with over 640,000 views!

Pastor Paula and many other prominent Christian leaders and vigilant prayer warriors came together online to cover our nation in prayer on May 7th, reaching over a million people on Facebook Live through

"Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of people who Joined in prayer. I want to cover you in prayer, go to to send me your prayer request."

"For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea" - Habakkuk 2.14 

Tina W

"We prayed and believed for a healing miracle for my Aunt Kay for female cancer- she had 2 chemo treatments and really delved into the things of GOD as we stood lifting up her arms coming alongside her in faith and praise GOD the tumor has literally disappeared!!!! My tag line has been GOD CAN DO ANYTHING BUT FAIL!!!"

Christina V

"A few days ago I sent a prayer request for a friend’s brother who was lost outside a village in Alaska, they had search parties looking for him Thursday-Saturday and Praise the Lord they found him alive and well Saturday evening! Thank you for praying."


"My son has been set free from an 18 year meth addiction. Praying for sooooo long and believing. A while ago I saw a vision of Paula lying on Brad’s bed and remember her talking about it! Since following and sowing into PWM, I have deepened my relationship like I never imagined. Been walking with the Lord for 40 years...just live the Holy Spirit!!!"

"I lost my job here in Brisbane, Australia on 5th March. I sent a prayer request to your team to partner with me in prayer for employment to support my family. Since then of course globally COVID-19 has created mass business closures and mass job losses and employee stand downs without pay. In all of this chaos God has blessed me with casual work of 38 hours a week. I have been contracted by a call center and was deployed today 30/03/2020 to the Australian Government frontlines help every day Australians get access unemployment benefits. I feel extremely blessed. I have applied for at last count approx. 30 jobs. To have received a job offer and contract in 3 weeks is amazing. I kept telling people I believed for a miracle. God has delivered that miracle, Hallelujah! Thank you to both you and your team. I pray god continues bless you all."

Paula White and Jentezen Franklin: Trump’s spiritual advisers are feeding America during pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world but has brought with it unbelievable opportunities for the Body of Christ to shine! Over the past two weeks of stay at home orders, Paula White Ministries has been on the forefront of meeting needs through the City of Destiny. In partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank, World Vision, CityServe, Mercy Chefs and several other strategic partners, since the beginning of the year Paula White Ministries has had over 1,722,066 pounds of food flow through its ministry hands. Serving as a hub for Central Florida, PWM secures resources for the underserved and provides local, Kingdom minded ministries with food to distribute to their communities- making the local church the hero of their neighborhoods! In the past two weeks alone, 57,144 families representing 228,159 individuals have been touched by Paula White Ministries and City of Destiny.

Additionally, through an exciting partnership with World Vision and CityServe, Paula White Ministries and City of Destiny have been blessed to have over $120,000 worth of new furniture donated to be distributed to those in need. Single moms needing help at a new lease on life, couples transition from homelessness to permanency and families needing additional assistance, have all benefited from the loads of household items.

Paula White Ministries and StoryLife Church came together to celebrate the resurrected Christ in an outdoor drive-in church service where hundreds of cars honked their amens, and where many people responded to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. As the service ended food was distributed. 

Something Greater Book
Finding Triumph Over Trials

Paula White-Cain shares here remarkable journey of faith in what she calls “a love letter to God from a once messed-up Mississippi girl.” 

SOMETHING GREATER will inspire you to believe in the something greater that God can do in your life. It will encourage you to be an overcomer through Christ and experience the joy and transformation that comes from trust in Him.  ORDER SOMETHING GREATER  BOOK HERE



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Paula White Cain

Pastor Paula White-Cain told Breitbart News Sunday that prayer can help Americans come together in a politically divided time.

Pastor Paula White-Cain

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” JOHN 3:16 (KJV)
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