Generational Blessings

Generational Blessings – Generational Curses

If you have struggled yourself or experienced struggle within your family line with habits, spiritual attacks, financial problems, insecurities, or fear…you need to continue reading!

There is a fight against you, your family, your bloodline! It is assigned to block your blessing and answered prayer, and prevent you from fulfilling your destiny, and the destiny of your loved ones!

That demonic hindrance is a Generational Curse! And it CAN BE BROKEN! And YOU can prevent this cycle from continuing any further! YOU CAN move into Generational Blessings- for your life and the future of your family!

Your 2012 may have been filled with challenges and warfare. Warfare that is “normal” usually has an expected outcome based upon the attack, but you have experienced “crazy” warfare that hasn’t made sense because victory still seems so far away. This is why you cannot afford to go into 2013 with the same insight and revelation you had in 2012!

The reason many people do not receive answered prayer, financial blessing, and fulfilled destiny is because of a generational block or curse. The dangerous issue here is that we usually pass down what we have received. You MUST not allow this cycle to go on any longer. God has provided the tools that you need to break this generational curse and bring you into Generational Blessings! There is a damaging power of unbroken cycles and curses, but there is also a very liberating effect of the Generational Blessing…

It is imperative that you move into 2013 without the baggage, blockage and hindrances that delayed your dreams for 2012. If you had high hopes for 2012 and have felt let down in some ways. 2013 will be different if you demand a change and get the right tools and information.

God wants you to prosper in every area of your life- spirit, soul, body and financially, and there are tools to help you get there! Right now you have an opportunity to get the tools you need to break these generational curses over your life – and bring forth Generational Blessings!

You CAN and WILL break the curses and reap the Generational Blessings God has for you and your family!

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