The Washing of Regeneration

A comical irony exists among the hostile world and Christians: As the world mocks at the idea of Christ’s blood washing away sins, the world struggles to remove the stain of sin through means that actually make it worse. For example, consider the way most try to make up for sin. The natural reaction to cover up bad is to do good. “I know I’ve done wrong,” as we’ve heard it said, “but I continue

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Heirs To Eternal Life

If you’ve fallen like me, then you have found yourselves in a dream world where money is no problem and many respect your upscale economic status. If you’re like me, then you didn’t come from a wealthy family nor do you presently live according to the rich of this age. Perhaps, like mine, your parents or grandparents didn’t leave you any inheritance—and never will. You’ve had friends who have been blessed with a generous inheritance,

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Christ Our Passover

Technology moves faster than light. Our technological advances continue to provide medical breakthrough that surpasses the preceding generation’s line of intelligence and ability. We have come so far in medical expertise that most Americans live under the notion that doctors, not God, are the true physicians of the soul. Our obsession to receive all answers of life from “the experts” drives our sense of security. We blindly ride on the assumption that this life is

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Passover – The Timing

God’s principles and instructions lay in His Word, the Holy Bible. All the mysteries to heaven and earth are known to God, and He reveals some of them in the Bible. The more we learn about God’s principles and instructions, the more wise we will become, and our lives will transform. What does this have to do with Passover? I’ll tell you.

The way we do things and the way God does things are vastly …

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Jesus & Passover

For a New Testament believer who is not of Jewish origin, the whole concept of Passover can sound foreign. In the past, hearing the word “Passover,” images of Matzo Balls in the grocery store were conjured up in my mind. The whole idea of the word “Passover” for believers may be unfamiliar. Passover is a feast designed to foretell the coming of the Messiah in a physical way. Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death, burial and resurrection

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